For $29, I Will Try New Products!

Melaleuca has been around for a few years, started by a man in Idaho.  Many people have enjoyed green products, a lack of parabens before we knew what they were, and great “tea tree” oil products.

I heard a while back that this was a pyramid company and began to wonder if it was all it has been slated.  Wallah!  It is a referral company now with delivery to your home by UPS, payment and selection online, with benefits if you “REFER” to other people.  Then it could be a business if you choose to make it one.

I paid the $29, so I will tell you in a few months what I think about the company, the products, and the people involved.  Why not?  I don’t need those nasty parabens!

“Undercover Pursuit”

Undercover Pursuit by Susan May Warren
Undercover Pursuit (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense #243)
by Susan May Warren(Goodreads Author)


Mary Robinson‘s review

Jul 24, 12  ·  edit
4 of 5 stars false
Read from July 22 to 24, 2012
I almost rated this wonderful Christian suspense story a 5! The way Susie gets into the character’s heads and mind (and don’t forget their hearts) is incredible! She acknowledges their physical and emotional needs in a subtle and tasteful way, while allowing their relationship to take its highs and lows.The suspense of the wrong person being in the wrong place at the wrong time creates a dilemma of fear, drama of mixed truth and lies, and a fantasy of what might be. While Luke concentrates on doing his job as a security agent, God allows a roller coaster situation to help both main characters to trust God and learn to love.

“Wildflower Bride in Dry Creek, by Janet Tronstad

So many times in real life, the Holy Spirit chooses family members or close friends to show someone visibly how Christ came into their world and accomplished an overhaul on their lives.

Tyler Stone, as did his brothers, went through the first part of his life with low self-esteem based on poverty, lifestyle, a dysfunctional family and without God. He seemed to feel that no matter what he did or how good he did it, he would never be a stable or loving husband or father.

When he finally visits his former hometown, he sees miraculous changes in other people’s lives. He also is at his point of need and begins to note that God does seem reachable.

A young woman whom he served as a body-guard in their teens still shares a special relationship with him. After a family secret is revealed, he begins to understand more about the root of his insecurity and then opens his heart to God’s care and redemption.

It is amazing how so many people have trusted Christ in this small place and how the power and strength of God permeates and continues to reach others.

This story by Janet Tronstad, from the “Return to Dry Creek” series, is again one that could easily be real and in any Montana cowboy town. I recommend this easy and enjoyable read! Continue reading

It has been so …

It has been so nice to hear so many people express their gratefulness for their freedoms today!  I certainly am too, although, I am not as excited about it as I was twenty years ago.  Why?  Because I had no clue that things would take a nasty turn so soon.  I knew about Christ coming back, I knew that things would get ugly sometime, but one never expects it happen in their lifetime.  My mother is 94 and 1/2 and has been watching for the Lord to come back since she was a little girl.

She told me again yesterday how she used to look up at the clouds and think of Jesus when she was about 4…Wow!  That’s 90 years ago in West Tennessee.  She told me to watch for an antichrist.  She advised me to stay close to the Lord.  I waiver ed and disobeyed many times.  I am thankful God has tarried and waited for me to get back on track listening to the Holy Spirit.  Was it just for me?  He died just for me, didn’t He?

Happy July 4th and Day of Freedom.  Worship publicly while you can, take your family on a trip, send money to missions overseas.  You might not always be able to do these things.  But, that’s OK, too.  What could be better than go to our new home earlier than we anticipated?  Isn’t that what we are waiting for? Glory?




Book Review of “THE MAIDEN OF MAYFAIR” BY Lawana Blackwell


The Maiden of Mayfair
by Lawana Blackwell

recommended for: those that love English historical/romance

read in June, 2012

This is the first book by this author that I have read. I enjoyed it very much, finding her development of characters very good, and never quite giving away the end so that you are never sure if Sarah will end up marrying her childhood friend or lose her inheritance.   A young Rector who doesn’t follow God and almost laughs in His face, gets caught in a scandal and goes to prison.  It seems to be a “good” thing for him as he begins to realize what life is really about and is repentant.  The mystery of her real father is solved and Sarah helps an old lady enjoy the rest of her life.  The scenery and history is English and makes reference to two totally different classes of people.   I am anxious to read another of her books. Donna Fletcher Crow is responsible for my appreciation and enjoyment of English stories.