Just Before Sunset in New Mexico

Just before Sunset

Larry and I  shopped with discrimination in the eclectic, festive New Mexican town of Silver City.  Of course, I am the real shopper of the family, checking out each antique, thrift, vintage, and card shop existing on the main drag of Bullard Street downtown.  But while I continue to ambulate up and down the steps at each sidewalk corner at intersections, Larry can often be found at “The Old Curiosity Shop” looking for books where we have made a yearly friend, owner of the shop.

We try not to leave Silver without eating at “Diane’s”, a well-known cafe/restaurant that has been written up in the NY Times and where Diane, herself, has trained chefs herself.  Her site grew so fast that she opened a new store for her bakery and deli across the way.  Not to compete with Rose’s in Portland, OR, Diane serves up some tall cakes herself, along with other breads and pastries.  We never leave hungry when leaving Silver, as there are Mexican, Mediterranean, and other soup and sandwich joints.

On our hour-long ride back to Glenwood to our temporary home, we watch the sun on its way down, admiring the alpenglow and the ever-changing shapes and colors of the mountains, clouds, and sky.  The only thing I could really complain about might be that I am a little thirsty, as it is a dry climate and the May temps are rising fast!  Once we get home, though, the black sky and bright stars above a quiet terrain with an occasional coyote holler or the pounding hoofs of javelinas, aid to help you settle in to a good nights sleep in the inviting southwest.