NO PLACE LIKE HOME by Debra Clopton

I was pleasantly surprised with a lightness put in my heart reading this novel.  I enjoyed how Ms. Clopton wove God’s love and sovereignty into her story.  The characters were fun and funny!  A nice   story to uplift and remind us of God working in our lives and orchestrating the plans!  Dottie was striving to learn obedience to the God who saved her life.  Brady had been frightened by sadness of his past and was not trusting God with the future.  Both continued to learn important lessons as God brought their lives together.

Trailing through a Target Store

I was in a Target store this afternoon that was set up a little differently than the ones I frequent normally.  After thoroughly investigating and still not finding the dog foods, I stopped to ask a young man working inside.  He told me it was in a hidden place different from most of the other stores.  Yes, I knew that much.  OK, I found it near People Food (Grocery).

A little later, I heard two young lades about HS or early college age dialoguing about some other young lady who would not use Google or other search engines and kept bothering other students to do her work for her.  I had to turn, look, smile and then laugh to myself.  Since I am a 61 year old “Google Queen”, it is hard for me to understand this scenario.

I could tell they both were in angst and wanted to rid this person from their daily routine.  If they had only known why I smiled and the hours that I put in on Google for research for writing and just normal life, they would be amazed.  And I am sure it would give their friend a stroke.


True Faith or Just Religion?

Jesus is the enemy of dead religion. That’s the message Eric Metaxas, author of the bestselling biographical phenomenon, Bonhoeffer, brought to the Sixtieth Annual National Prayer Breakfast. Now in Jesus Hates Dead Religion, Metaxas takes readers behind the scenes into that electric moment and calls us to walk the hard path of the gospel in our trying times.

Faith and religion are not the same thing. Sometimes they are bitter enemies. Think of Jesus, and then think of the Pharisees. Think of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and then the German religious establishment enslaved to Hitler and the Führer principle. Think of William Wilberforce, and then his complacent countrymen, piously permitting the traffic of people whose skin was darker than their own. Bonhoeffer and Wilberforce stood against the evil of their times, evil so easily peddled as religious. Will we do the same?.

This is a Bonhoeffer moment, as Eric Metaxas says. Modern culture offers us comfort, distraction, even piety to keep us from a living faith in the God of the universe. But Metaxas’s rousing message calls readers to follow in the steps of men like Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer, godly men who lived the gospel instead of following the path of dead religion to the approval of their respective societies. .

Real prayer is only possible with living faith. And living faith is the only kind that can be used by God for transformative change in our world. But dead religion is a deceptive substitute. Jesus came to deliver people from dead religion. Let’s not be its defenders..

by Eric Metaxas, Speaker, Writer, Believer

A Southwestern Trip To Remember

English: Zion Canyon at sunset in Zion Nationa...

English: Zion Canyon at sunset in Zion National Park as seen from Angels Landing looking south. Français : Zion Canyon (Parc national de Zion, en Utah, USA) au coucher du soleil vu d’Angels Landing en regardant vers le sud. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It started out to be a special trip to visit my oldest daughter, Jolie and her husband, Damien in their new hometown and see D be installed as Rector of an Anglican church(Holy Cross) in West Texas. (Alpine)

After years of school, working, assisting, changing denominations, God directed my kids to a beautiful small town, USA.  The parish was full of friendly people who radiated the love of our Savior and whom seemed grateful for the arrival of the new rector and wife.  A meaningful service with communion was followed by a delightful lunch.  I had the opportunity to mingle with the members and get an introduction to the group at large.

Damien, who graduated with a Bible Degree previously, also obtained a Masters in Divinity this last year.  He has also been a finished carpenter and builder.  Jolie, graduated with an undergraduate degree in Commercial Art and now a Masters in Biblical Studies from Cranmer House in Texas.  Jolie has been blessed with talents in music, art, design and teaching.

It was exciting to visit in Alpine and see an oasis in the midst of the hot southwest.  We stayed at a very green grassy RV Park outside the town close to their parsonage.  Church is not far from where they live at the present.  Big Bend National Park is only about an hour from Alpine and we drove out to see the mountains separating the state from Mexico.

When we left, we headed to the New Mexican community where we snow bird amounting to several years now.  When we left in early May from Glenwood, we got home and heard that there had been fire in the Gilas.  It could have been worse, but will pose a problem for flooding during the next year of so because of losing so much foliage.  We had never been there when it was hot, so without an air-conditioner in our RV we suffered a little…(not too bad)

For a change we stayed at a different RV Park with several hot spring pools.  New Mexico is known for hot springs throughout this part of the state.  The night skies promised a beautiful starry and moonlit evening from the pool.  We were there for a short stay and saw as many of our friends as we could.  It is always a treat to stop by “The Blue Front” grill owned by Bucky.  Bucky started out his career in the Nashville area in Country/Bluegrass, but used wisdom as a family man to move back to NM to raise a family and stay close to his roots.  His music can be enjoyed all over New Mexico and at his bar & grill on Thursday nights.

Moving on to Arizona, we saw a lot of pretty sunsets and went through Flagstaff and Payson where we saw more glorious mountains mixed with a hint of green.  We ate at one of the best Mexican restaurants in the country in Payson, “El Rancho”.  I managed to talk Larry into letting me shop for a few minutes…I mean a few ?  Anyhow, I found a mahogany short secretary that suited my tastes perfectly.  INto the truck it went!

I hope to download my photos tomorrow when I get my new cable.  We ventured through “Zion National Park” in Utah to complete our touring trip.  I have always liked tunnels, and we drove through one to get to the main part of the park.  It is easy to believe in a creator while looking at these fabulous marvels.  Not only the colors were nice, but there are so many lines, grooves, chunks, holes, slots, etc.  I hope to go back there for more one day.

We didn’t take any goats with us this time, but our dog, Maxie, is such a good traveler.  He slept most of the time in the truck and slept in the RV with us at night.  He enjoyed running around some but we managed to keep him under leash control a lot of the time.  He was glad to get home and have the run of the yard and back porch.  Kit Kat was waiting for us all when we arrived and all was well.  Home looked good.