“Wildflower Bride in Dry Creek, by Janet Tronstad

So many times in real life, the Holy Spirit chooses family members or close friends to show someone visibly how Christ came into their world and accomplished an overhaul on their lives.

Tyler Stone, as did his brothers, went through the first part of his life with low self-esteem based on poverty, lifestyle, a dysfunctional family and without God. He seemed to feel that no matter what he did or how good he did it, he would never be a stable or loving husband or father.

When he finally visits his former hometown, he sees miraculous changes in other people’s lives. He also is at his point of need and begins to note that God does seem reachable.

A young woman whom he served as a body-guard in their teens still shares a special relationship with him. After a family secret is revealed, he begins to understand more about the root of his insecurity and then opens his heart to God’s care and redemption.

It is amazing how so many people have trusted Christ in this small place and how the power and strength of God permeates and continues to reach others.

This story by Janet Tronstad, from the “Return to Dry Creek” series, is again one that could easily be real and in any Montana cowboy town. I recommend this easy and enjoyable read! Continue reading

“SHADOW OF REALITY” by Donna Fletcher Crow

Educated Christians still on their journeys of discovery of God and His will for their lives, include a weekend of fashion, fun, mystery, drama and MURDER! The line between the drama and real murder will keep your interest piqued and you will not want to tarry with this book. In Donna Crow style, her imagery and similes, stand out very tall.

Because of Donna’s great knowledge and experience with England and Englishmen and her extensive travel in general, her story flourishes and almost dances on the page. The message of “real love” over “infatuation” lends to the story with depth. With my love for fashion, I enjoyed the costumes and colorful descriptions and creativity. The medical side may draw you also if you have an interest in forensics.

As the story ends with friendship complimenting human love, I had a warm, overall feeling of “Good conquering Evil” and a wonderful (corrrect) future for each of the characters. Don’t miss out on this superb blend of history, mystery, and love!

“Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek” by Janet Tronstad

Book Review

Janet hit it on the nail again!  And, “Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek” did take place!

How true it is that many young people look at the mistakes and character traits of their parents and automatically assume that they will be that same way.  Youth doesn’t understand that different circumstances, environment, life lessons, and with the power of Jesus Christ, we are able to turn our lives around and head another direction.

This is what character, Jake Stone, will find out after maturing, finding out he is a father, and continuing to love his old friend and mother of his child, Cathy Barker.  By caring for her, seeing her qualities again, and having paternal love for Lara, Jake is finally able to see that he can be that person and father that he so desires.

Cat never forgot Jake and never tried to replace him as a father, which shows a tremendous admiration and love.  She had already lived some of her life through his past, and she knew him in vulnerability.  This may show a special dimension to this relationship.  Janet Tronstad does a terrific job of showing a special connection and conveying a delightful story while imparting some truths that certainly appear in real people’s lives.

Jake’s storytelling of his childhood and neighborhood introduced Cat to the lilacs, his family, a Christian lady in his young life, and the town where someday she would thrive with Jake Stone!  A wonderful read!