Christmas in the Snow

Photo on 12-16-15 at 9.53 AM #2What should be the loveliest time of the year, content and fun, sometimes is not. When your road is not passable and family does not wish to brave the trails, it can be quite lonely. 10 degrees with chronic pain is not happy. That’s when the word “JOY” has to be looked at and invited into your heart. For what really counts is what the Lord puts into you and what you accept from Him.

I have found from experiencing just happy, it can be a fleeting moment. It will not stick with you or comfort you on a depressing day. The sun will even disappoint you and go behind the clouds leaving you with a dysfunction of sorts. Animals will love you with their gentleness, but because they have no soul, they cannot give you what you really desire for very long either. I know because we have 8 pack goats, a dog, a cat, and chickens!

So, when that day comes, when you feel so alone, isolated, hurting, and detached, remember that word…JOY. Jesus is the only one who can give real joy. When you belong to Him, He longs to give it to you.