Sharing the Day Together

Brother and Sisters Sharing the Day Together

Today I have watched clouds move by the window, seen rain, snow, sleet and sunshine.  It is rather remarkable that this time of the year your day can be filled with such variety!  The wood fire is crackling, and it it gets too hot, I can always open the window a bit.  A good day, I have explored healthy recipes, spoken with the Lord, sought refuge inside from a roaring wind, spoken with my best friend and am preparing my heart for Sunday.

I feel that I have shared the day with my brothers and sisters as we work and play for the Savior during the same day.  Have you ever thought of it that way?  We may be in different places and yet our spirits are meshing together with the Holy Spirit in unity.  That excites me and encourages me.  Maybe I am learning to put more stock in my fellow believers.  Maybe the Lord is showing me through my own experiences that they are so important to me and should be.  They have touched me recently.

I think my prayer for tomorrow will be, “Lord how can I touch one of my other sisters or brothers”?  Looking for a way to keep the two-way street going might spur me on to better use of my time and bless someone.  Each day should profit someone other than ourselves.  And tomorrow I should be filled greatly as I go to worship and learn more about God’s desires for me personally.

What The Goat is Going On?

Black Jack Looks On

Surprising Behavior in the Goat Family

Shadow on the left, was our first pack goat several years ago.  He broke his leg soon after we acquired him and his packing career never really took off very well.  The older he gets, the more stove-up he becomes.  We tried to give him away twice, but circumstances drew him back home to where he is really loved.  As we increased our family, the younger goats took advantage of him as the frail old Grandpa.  He allowed this to happen, as in the pecking order, this is pretty normal.  Oh, so much vim and vinegar in those young ones!

The last little Oberhasli goat that was given to us, came into our pen with some spunk, too, but the older boys tried to push him out of the way almost immediately!  That’s tough when you are hungry and no one will allow you to eat the main grass hay meal of the day!

Well, before long, these two goats, the oldest and the youngest, seemed to join forces to a point.  Coffee Bean wanted Shadow to teach him how to play, (spur), and wanted some company.  At first Shadow showed with his actions that he wasn’t really that interested.  However, when winter came and it was sooo cold, these two began to engage.  In this photo down at the door of the shed, Shadow is seen nudging and “warming” up to C.B.  Go figure!  Black Jack looks on while he is chewing his cud.  Goats are ruminants with stomach compartments.  If you cannot hear any rumbling in their stomachs, they may not be able to digest their food and maintain good health.  My husband packs over 100 miles sometimes in the mountains of Idaho, but last year he packed over 200 miles!!!  Wonderful companions, goats can carry your pack, your tent, your food, etc. as long as you do not overburden them.  They have a great memory and often remember a trail if they return to the same place.

As humans, we sometimes have a bad attitude towards our elderly and older folks.  This was not an attitude introduced by our heavenly father.  We should not have this pecking order or cast out people that we do not like or if we do not like their looks.  And with all the wisdom older people have, how can we toss that out either?  A thought for the day is, “How about asking your Lord how you can be a blessing to an older person (older than you, anyhow) today.  You will receive a blessing yourself!



Day 3 in the Foothills of Boise

We have had blowing rain since this morning twenty miles from Boise.  Some days we have snow and Boise has none.  I look forward to days when I come into town that it is 5 degrees warmer and dry, too!

No matter what the weather is, even though it does affect my attitude, I still have to appreciate God’s supply of moisture and care-taking that he does in my area of the world.  We have certain things that we enjoy and want, but sometimes we just cannot have those things; at least not on that specific day.  This is when we have to look to Jesus Christ and know that our whimsical and flighty desires are not all that important in the whole scheme of life. (He does care about each one of us, however.)

We keep writing our story, when the story is really HIS.  Remember, HISTORY…His- story.  We are here for His reasons, not our own.  It is easy to forget that when we plan our day or make requests.  When you get up in the morning, what do you ask the Lord?  Do you ask Him what he has for you? Or do you ask Him if He will give you this or that?  The Bible does say you can make your requests known, but what are the motives for the requests?

Joy can be in our hearts no matter what is going on outside, inside or over the hill…we may not be happy, but we can certainly have JOY!





DAY 2 …My New Blog Life!

So, Day 2.  If you are my friend, will you please hit the FOLLOW Button on the left side at the top?  This will help me in recruiting new people and an interest in Book Reviews and other reader/author information!  Thanks for your help, and any of you blogging wizards out there, please continue to send me helps so that my site is as good as it can be and also user friendly!  I still need some help with Blogrolls, links, widgets.  May your day count for the Lord.

Hello world!

I moved to this site today!  I like it here and especially the new paint on my walls of my Main Page.  The colors really reflect me in my personal choices with dressing and decorating.  One time, when Fuchsia and Kelly Green were first going out of style, one of my daughters wondered why I kept wearing them for so long!  Well, I finally toned down, now to find out that they are here again.

I have great plans for Book Reviews, Author Bios, my personal stuff and maybe your personal stuff!  Come along with me and let’s explore life as Believers together!