Voice Your Failure And Your Redemption

When A Woman Finds Her Voice

When A Woman Finds Her Voice

I asked Jesus Christ into my heart.  Yes, He was real to me.  But His truth was not nourished and embedded in my heart.  The battle raged on.  I was thrust into the struggle without the proper armor.  I was young, I was weak, I was confused.  Through relationships, I became controlled and manipulated to succumb to Satan‘s invitations.  My insecurity ruled me, after all, this was what the fallen angel wanted.  I listened to the  Wrong Voices.  

I failed.  I scraped my knees while falling.  But I can get up.  With God’s power I am being made whole again.  It is a journey.  I will NOT be controlled again by anyone or anything but Christ.  Do I believe this?  Now, Lord help me with my unbelief!


The Lord wants us to be as healthy as we can be even though this world is so desperately flawed.  Sickness in so many forms resonate from the original fall, but our present sins are also influencing these developments every minute of the day.  Strive for perfection, say ye?  NO, of course not, because that is not attainable on earth.  But listening to the Holy Spirit to allow His guidance, is here in this present day world, as Jesus promised before He went to be with the Father God.

Emotional and mental illness is a complex issue.  Educated doctors are still baffled over which pill will calm you, which pill will keep you centered on life, what therapy will help you get well.  I am certainly not against help.   But the counsel and therapy offered through Jesus Christ and the Bible should be sought first and foremost for the Christian.  And remember what the Bible says about fellowship?  This is so important, I believe, especially for women of today.  (ALL AGES)  This includes mentoring, praying together, laughing together, grieving together, etc.

Jo Ann Fore has been a “wounded woman”.  Through God’s Grace, she has found her voice and wants to be involved with healing of other women, partnering with the Lord.  She is offering information and experience for today’s women to help them find their voice.  Have you been to her Face Book site “Writing Where It Hurts“?  And where does it hurt?  Only you know where it hurts and how it hurts.  Why not journal and write about it to help get your thoughts down before you and God as you pray.

Look for Jo Ann’s new book, When A Woman Finds Her Voice: Overcoming Life’s Hurts & Using Your Story to Make a Difference, soon to be released.

“A Heart Deceived” by Michelle Griep, Inspirational

Thursday, June 20, 2013


by Michelle Griep

Michelle Griep

Hey…do you hear that? Pause and listen. Yes indeedy, it IS the Hallelujah Chorus accompanied by crazed shrieking. Don’t worry. You’re not going nutty-nuts. It’s just me whoopin’ it up big time because today is the day A HEART DECEIVED comes out. That’s book birth #3 for me and I am one super-freaking-excited mama!

Now then, on to the next round of 2 Truths & a Lie. By now you know the routine…which statement is the lie?

1. The first thing I ever got published was a poem.

2. The first manuscript I wrote took 5 years before it was accepted by a publisher.

3. I am an introvert. I’d much rather be shut in a room with pretend characters than hanging out with real humanoids.

Don’t forget: you can rack up extra entries by Tweeting a tweetable or hosting one of my guest posts on your blog.

This has really been a fun game so far. Thanks for playing! It would’ve been really pathetic if I’d had to play it alone.


Happy Endings make for happy readers, right?  Yes!  It has been enjoyable to get more involved in this series with the lives of people living in Dry Creek, Montana.  When I read about Gracie Stone’s house, I remembered the way the bedroom had looked, the furniture had worn, and then I continued to learn about the colors and choices that she never go to make.  It was encouraging to see Gracie’s character develop from a wife of a hard-nosed rancher that was accused of something she didn’t do, to a lady who realized that her heart could love again if she opened it just a bit. It was also inspiring to note the other people in her life who were growing in acceptance and neighborly love.  Her sons rose to the occasion when they realized there was someone who would be good for their mother and they gave her a second chance also to fall in love.  I love Janet Tronstad’s way with descriptions and how she makes these people seem like real people in my life and makes me care for them.  Now that I know these hard-working people in Montana, it makes me want to visit sometime….Ah, Yes…in another book!  Keep them coming, Janet.

It has been so …

It has been so nice to hear so many people express their gratefulness for their freedoms today!  I certainly am too, although, I am not as excited about it as I was twenty years ago.  Why?  Because I had no clue that things would take a nasty turn so soon.  I knew about Christ coming back, I knew that things would get ugly sometime, but one never expects it happen in their lifetime.  My mother is 94 and 1/2 and has been watching for the Lord to come back since she was a little girl.

She told me again yesterday how she used to look up at the clouds and think of Jesus when she was about 4…Wow!  That’s 90 years ago in West Tennessee.  She told me to watch for an antichrist.  She advised me to stay close to the Lord.  I waiver ed and disobeyed many times.  I am thankful God has tarried and waited for me to get back on track listening to the Holy Spirit.  Was it just for me?  He died just for me, didn’t He?

Happy July 4th and Day of Freedom.  Worship publicly while you can, take your family on a trip, send money to missions overseas.  You might not always be able to do these things.  But, that’s OK, too.  What could be better than go to our new home earlier than we anticipated?  Isn’t that what we are waiting for? Glory?




Just Before Sunset in New Mexico

Just before Sunset

Larry and I  shopped with discrimination in the eclectic, festive New Mexican town of Silver City.  Of course, I am the real shopper of the family, checking out each antique, thrift, vintage, and card shop existing on the main drag of Bullard Street downtown.  But while I continue to ambulate up and down the steps at each sidewalk corner at intersections, Larry can often be found at “The Old Curiosity Shop” looking for books where we have made a yearly friend, owner of the shop.

We try not to leave Silver without eating at “Diane’s”, a well-known cafe/restaurant that has been written up in the NY Times and where Diane, herself, has trained chefs herself.  Her site grew so fast that she opened a new store for her bakery and deli across the way.  Not to compete with Rose’s in Portland, OR, Diane serves up some tall cakes herself, along with other breads and pastries.  We never leave hungry when leaving Silver, as there are Mexican, Mediterranean, and other soup and sandwich joints.

On our hour-long ride back to Glenwood to our temporary home, we watch the sun on its way down, admiring the alpenglow and the ever-changing shapes and colors of the mountains, clouds, and sky.  The only thing I could really complain about might be that I am a little thirsty, as it is a dry climate and the May temps are rising fast!  Once we get home, though, the black sky and bright stars above a quiet terrain with an occasional coyote holler or the pounding hoofs of javelinas, aid to help you settle in to a good nights sleep in the inviting southwest.

“Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek” by Janet Tronstad

Book Review

Janet hit it on the nail again!  And, “Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek” did take place!

How true it is that many young people look at the mistakes and character traits of their parents and automatically assume that they will be that same way.  Youth doesn’t understand that different circumstances, environment, life lessons, and with the power of Jesus Christ, we are able to turn our lives around and head another direction.

This is what character, Jake Stone, will find out after maturing, finding out he is a father, and continuing to love his old friend and mother of his child, Cathy Barker.  By caring for her, seeing her qualities again, and having paternal love for Lara, Jake is finally able to see that he can be that person and father that he so desires.

Cat never forgot Jake and never tried to replace him as a father, which shows a tremendous admiration and love.  She had already lived some of her life through his past, and she knew him in vulnerability.  This may show a special dimension to this relationship.  Janet Tronstad does a terrific job of showing a special connection and conveying a delightful story while imparting some truths that certainly appear in real people’s lives.

Jake’s storytelling of his childhood and neighborhood introduced Cat to the lilacs, his family, a Christian lady in his young life, and the town where someday she would thrive with Jake Stone!  A wonderful read!

Sharing the Day Together

Brother and Sisters Sharing the Day Together

Today I have watched clouds move by the window, seen rain, snow, sleet and sunshine.  It is rather remarkable that this time of the year your day can be filled with such variety!  The wood fire is crackling, and it it gets too hot, I can always open the window a bit.  A good day, I have explored healthy recipes, spoken with the Lord, sought refuge inside from a roaring wind, spoken with my best friend and am preparing my heart for Sunday.

I feel that I have shared the day with my brothers and sisters as we work and play for the Savior during the same day.  Have you ever thought of it that way?  We may be in different places and yet our spirits are meshing together with the Holy Spirit in unity.  That excites me and encourages me.  Maybe I am learning to put more stock in my fellow believers.  Maybe the Lord is showing me through my own experiences that they are so important to me and should be.  They have touched me recently.

I think my prayer for tomorrow will be, “Lord how can I touch one of my other sisters or brothers”?  Looking for a way to keep the two-way street going might spur me on to better use of my time and bless someone.  Each day should profit someone other than ourselves.  And tomorrow I should be filled greatly as I go to worship and learn more about God’s desires for me personally.