Nice and Healthy Skin As You Age?

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Keeping Skin Healthy at 65!

I don’t usually seek to draw a lot of attention to my appearance for many reasons. #1: I never liked my hair: it was naturally curly and frizzy growing up making it unmanageable, and I lived in a humid climate both in Tennessee and Oregon for many years.

#2: Allowing myself to overeat from negative emotions has certainly not helped my high cholesterol or my waistline! What waistline?? My Apple shape has kept me from feeling as feminine. Wearing the clothes I like becomes harder. I do try to wear colors and styles that help me stay vibrant.

What gift I have appreciated is inheriting good skin. My mother aged well and wrinkled late. There are many reasons that help keep your skin healthy, like not smoking or quitting very young like I was able to do. but there are things we need to know to keep our skin healthy and glowing!

I want to share a few of these things that I use to help and have researched:

A.     Know this word. “Phthalates“. This ingredient in creams and soaps can be hidden as fragrance just as Formaldehyde (a chemical that disrupts hormones) is hidden in products. These nasty culprits also cross into your bloodstream. Could these be interfering with your life as headaches, lung dysfunction or other?

B.     Coconut Oil is beneficial from the inside and outside. I use this as a spread on bread and other, cooking, as a cleanser/moisturizer for my face and in my homemade deodorant. Coconut Oil can actually help you keep from sunburn from the inside as it moisturizes your skin. Before I found out just how helpful it is, I used Olive Oil on my face for many years also.

C     Vitamin C/Rose Hips has been known for centuries as a help for healthy skin as well as a healthy immune system. Whether you rub Rose Hips Oil on your skin or take a healthy C supplement, you want to remember that you might not get enough C during the winter especially when fruit is not in season.

D.     WATER, of course, cannot be left off this list as hydration is very important to skin. I have noticed where I live now in the High Desert of Idaho, that when I don’t get enough water it plays out in several ways, but I see more wrinkles in my skin in the mirror.

E.     CoQ10 is already prescribed by most doctors for those who take Statins and are over 55, but there are many reasons to take this supplement. By boosting cells that contribute to Oxygen, then helps energy and heart function, CoQ10 also plays into the way your skin breathes and looks. There is still confusion over whether Ubiquinol or Ubiquenone is the best so you will have to decide yourself, but the choice is available. (Trans-form is a good signal in creams that it is not synthetic)

F.    Last, but not least, I am adding Goat’s Milk because I have enjoyed it in products like healthy made soaps. I know my list is not exhaustive but I am writing this from my own experiences and reading.(Remember, most store soaps are detergents, not real soap, so I use natural made.)

You might purchase some expensive products thinking you are doing yourself a great service to find out when you read the ingredients that there are things in those cosmetics that will eventually cause more damage to your skin or to your health overall.

I turned 65 this June! Wow. But I do enjoy pretty good skin still and hope that I have helped in some small way on your own journey to keep you skin healthy, happy and glowing!