“The Bride Ship” by Regina Scott

She may have been a beautiful Boston Belle, but she was tired of society and how it ran her life. And even more grieving, society dictated to many church members as well. Allegra had been talked into having a governess to help raise her child, even play with her! She had missed out on many a time when she should have been able to share life experiences with her daughter. Then, her husband is killed on the battlefield! Will she allow her Mother-in-Law to still dictate both of their lives? Allegra is strong-willed and puts forward a different plan rather quickly. Who will the family try to use to block her path? Do they really miss her or the child or is it the family money they are worried about? Read this ship adventure and the lessons Mrs. Howard learns along the way as the Lord shows her how to become a true friend and Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 10.30.03 PMa different way to love. First in a new series by Regina Scott, Frontier Bachelors.