Overcoming Writer’s Doubt

Overcoming Writer's Doubt, An Essay

Overcoming Writer’s Doubt, An Essay


“I am participating in the ‘Writing Contest: Overcoming Writer’s Doubt’ held by Positive Writer.”



Life moved along so much faster than I realized it ever could. There were and are so many things left to do, so I better get busy, yes? And what about the things I thought I understood and didn’t? Whoa!

Writing started for me when I was a child. Making up stories, I had “magical thinking” in stories and in life. The ones in life didn’t work out so well, but I still hoped that the ones in literature might. I threw many half-written plots away. I moved to poetry. Now that could be done anyway I wanted because it was my own expression, right?

Poetry did give me a way to say how I felt and I think on many levels it was good for me. I wrote poetry for over twenty years off and on and still do occasionally. I ventured into journalism later in high school and in college. But the bug bit me for writing my own stories again. So what would I write, fiction or non-fiction?

Figuring that fiction would be a breeze, this person was sorely disappointed. I let a few people read my first chapters and the response was mostly the same: show don’t tell. I tried and tried and I just couldn’t get it. And then there was the POV…the PO What? I was depressed and almost quit. But I didn’t and I am glad I finally got some smarts and joined a national writing organization with teaching sessions. I slowly began to get some of this real stuff down.

Still not published, but I am beginning to feel more secure. Somewhere there is a group or class that will boost your ability, your confidence and contribute to your writing. Don’t give up. There are people out there that do care if you learn and become successful whatever that means to you, whether self-publish or traditional. I see that now.

At this point I can start dreaming again. You know, that magical stuff? Now for that story… And what about the neighbors, teachers, and people you meet at parties? Their persona and conversation is the very thing you need to think about and claim for your characters and heroes. In a restaurant? Listen discreetly and notice politely.

And remember that time you got really hurt by someone in elementary school? How did you feel and what was your response? All of these happenings in your life or someone else’s are a story just waiting to be developed with the right theme, conflict and resolve. You wouldn’t let that slide by you, would you?

Now comes the hardest part for me. Endurance. I need thousands of words down on paper. That part is work. I (we) have to work. I (we) have to be diligent if I (we) want to publish. So, I will start a writing calendar, I will set a goal of words per day. Right? I will not keep editing and correcting that first paragraph that I want to be perfect. (I (we) have time for that later.) There will be edits and edits. Words. Words. I need words.

It is time to push forward and finish a work. What is it worth to you to get stuck with a bunch of unfinished stories? You must finish. You can finish it and I can, too. Are you ready? I am. Chapter 3, here I come!



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Chapter 1The Lord is giving me a new story and I am enjoying being back on target in the novel arena. I have learned a great deal over the last few years from ACFW, My Book Therapy, and many other writing sites.

I think the time is here for me to put all these things together and push forward without looking back! Chapter 1 is finished and I actually feel good about this one. I know He has more than this one for me, such as other Women’s Non-Fiction, etc., but I believe that this is where he wants me to keep working until a project is finished!

Isn’t it thrilling to see so many of our sisters in the Lord writing and publishing? It is encouraging to me.

Lord, thank you for all your wisdom and prompting as I word harder to complete what you have given to me. You are gracious and patient.

Anyone interested in a “light” critique or reading for me would be appreciated.