1969-2013 Friendship Lasts a Lifetime!

Cynthia Ann Thompson and Mary Ann Young

Cynthia Ann Thompson and Mary Ann Young (Robinson)

Cindy and Mary May 2012

Cindy and Mary
May 2012

"Just You and I"

“Just You and I”

It was providence that brought a petite bright green-eyed 18-year-old originally from Illinois to Waverly, Tennessee to connect with a tall brunette from Madison, Tennessee, when they met at Austin Peay State University.  It was summer of 1969 and both Cindy and Mary had applied for the CWSP for summer work before they started the Fall semester of their Freshman year of college.  In June, both girls moved into Sevier Hall on campus for 2 months, then another dorm for 1 month, before moving into Harned Hall, the 3-story Freshman Dormitory.  Mary’s first job was in the Campus Bookstore in the Student Center and then she transferred to Student Secretary in the Industrial Arts/Technology Department working for Dr. Bibb.  He and his wife became special friends to Mary and she thought of them many times over the years.  Cindy worked as a Student Secretary in Administration for the Dean.  She attended Austin Peay for most of her education, finishing later in NY.  Mary  moved from Nashville to Oregon in 1974, then lived in NC, AZ ending up for over 20 years in the city of and also above the foothills of Boise, ID.  Cindy lived for many years in NY, shortly in NC, now enjoying a beautiful area of Georgia.  Mary feels blessed to have so many friends scattered over the country, but will always have a special place in her heart for “Cindy”…”It was nice to be able to sing at her Cowboy/Western wedding out in the country last May, “Just You and I”.


Reasonable Doubt (The Mahoney Sisters, #1) (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense, #4)Reasonable Doubt (The Mahoney Sisters, #1) by Tracey Bateman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who doesn’t like a story with hope about a couple that once loved each other and might get back together at another time in their lives? Justin wanted to marry Keri, but his family moved him away. He was still a teenager and his life moved in a different direction. Keri, crushed by not hearing from her teen love, became a policewoman and never married. Fifteen years later, Justin shows up in his old hometown, widowed, and a parent of twin boys. Keri hears that he is a suspect in his wife’s murder. Justin wants to explain about some of his life decisions and have Keri forgive him. She isn’t sure she can trust him or if she can be around him without crying! In a great story, Keri reveals inside troubles besides just loving Justin. Read this book and find out what is really eating at Keri and why she isn’t married.

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Lakeview Protector (The Lakeview Series, #7)

Lakeview Protector

Lakeview Protector

This story introduced me to another new great writer with LI! She is Shirlee McCoy. Her characters were believable and Jasmine sure had legitimate feelings I thought, about starting a new life and love. A pastor out of control, that runs his own life and that of others, and then even goes as far as murder to cover his sins, can exist even in a real world. However, this man’s salvation is of real question here in this particular story. His sin influenced another man in his congregation to do wrong while mistreating his own family members. There never seemed to be any repentance or conviction. Eli is almost too good to be true, but I liked him; a true gentleman. Eli was the perfect warm and true man for Jasmine! The older woman ( the mother-in-law of Jasmine), rounded out the story with her attitudes and personality. She certainly grows spiritually during the story as well. A great read with a touch of sadness, but a joyful ending!