“Finding (Kelli) Me” by Kathryn Cushman

Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 9.49.44 PMWhat if you were 24, thought your name had always been Kelli, was told your mother and siblings died in a fire, and suddenly figured you lived about as far as you can get from a possible real family? When Kelli Huddleston’s father and step-mother died from a car accident, she was forced to uncover new info from a safe her dad always kept locked in a private room. Photos, letters and other info shocked Kelli into making plans for a fast trip across country to find out the truth. Kelli went to a small town she read about in Tennessee and it didn’t take much time to meet some of her family anonymously including her father’s old friend. But what would she do with this info was the question. Would she now hurt other people like she was hurt? Her mother was lovely, kind, and nurturing with a lovely voice. Kelli didn’t know she took after her mother because she was told her voice was so bad that she never sang. Never had the courage to let anyone hear her. Her sister was longing for a friend and she and Kelli bonded rather quickly. Kelli was forming intense relationships. It would be natural for her to run and go back to her old life. But what would that do to her inside and what would it do to the new people she loved?  Kelli knew now what she would do. And she did it. See how that turned out. A great read and interesting mystery of love and forgiveness. I read this straight through it was so exciting!

This book was provided by Bethany/Baker Books for review. The opinions are my own.

“Where Trust Lies”, by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan

Screen shot 2015-02-28 at 8.44.12 PMBeth Thatcher enjoyed a wonderful year in Coal Valley teaching children but she was homesick for her family and looked forward to special time with her mother. New feelings for a Canadian Mountie named Jarrick were locked in her heart and she hoped to be able to spend time thinking over her future, sharing with her mother and resting up at their beautiful home. She left the Leftbridge station with a bouquet of flowers, but only saved a few petals and hid them in her handkerchief for a keepsake and not to alarm her family too soon. Beth was exhausted when she arrived in Toronto, but was glad when she heard her youngest sister, Julie, calling for her and viewed her father waving her over towards him. His arms were around her and she felt safe. While driving to the house in a Roll’s Royce, Beth sensed something untold in the car. Soon they arrived where her older sister was waiting with her little boy for the reunion. JW, her nephew, toddled towards her and Beth rallied in seeing how much he had grown. Beth had forgotten that Julie had met Jarrick when she came to visit once and Julie started asking questions before she was ready to comment. But it didn’t take long for the new home secret to come out and Beth was not hoping for something like this. A luxurious cruise vacation had been planned and they would all leave within the week. Travel? And her father wouldn’t be able to meet them until later in the trip. She loved seeing everyone, but she had been dreaming of her summer at home. She was still waiting to hear if she would be called back as a teacher for the next school year. Little did she know that this summer she would become Julie’s nursemaid out in the world of romance when they left shore. And more than romance, danger calls to a young debutant with fearless anticipation. God is working in the background in lives, but there will be many lessons for all before life settles down again for this family.

New Release: “REBELLIOUS HEARTS” BY Jody Hedlund



Reading dedications or prologues in books has not been my regular habit, but I did read this one and was touched by it, as she dedicated this story to her three daughters…I also have three. It starts off like a murder mystery in the late 1700’s on the East coast. There is a huge degree of secrecy, unrest, indentured servants, and smuggling going on in the American colonies. During this time, right and wrong are fuzzy in regards to government, colonies’ rights and the “mother country”.   Susanna Smith grew up in a family with some wealth, not as much as some in the community, but a substantial landowner family. When she comes into contact with a less social standing playmate from the past, she is taken by him, but realizes they come from different worlds. The story winds around this concept, but the last third of the story is written so beautiful weaving in and around their relationship and struggles.   Sacrificial love as given to us through Jesus Christ, is expressed here in a human way and overcomes personal desire, lust, and companionship.  If you wish to see Friendship and Love in the most real way, it is here written in this story. You will be glad you read it as you think back on the sweetness in their story. You also will learn a secret at the end about the story.

This book is releasing during the month of September, 2013 by Bethany Books.  This review is based on a book given to me from Bethany Publishers for a fair review by me.

This book was provided by Bethany Publishers for a fair review by me.

Book Review of “THE MAIDEN OF MAYFAIR” BY Lawana Blackwell


The Maiden of Mayfair
by Lawana Blackwell

recommended for: those that love English historical/romance

read in June, 2012

This is the first book by this author that I have read. I enjoyed it very much, finding her development of characters very good, and never quite giving away the end so that you are never sure if Sarah will end up marrying her childhood friend or lose her inheritance.   A young Rector who doesn’t follow God and almost laughs in His face, gets caught in a scandal and goes to prison.  It seems to be a “good” thing for him as he begins to realize what life is really about and is repentant.  The mystery of her real father is solved and Sarah helps an old lady enjoy the rest of her life.  The scenery and history is English and makes reference to two totally different classes of people.   I am anxious to read another of her books. Donna Fletcher Crow is responsible for my appreciation and enjoyment of English stories.