Published in 2006, A Great Read in 2012, Lois Richer’s “Secrets of the Rose”

It seemed like a perfect family.  A family owned business, pursuing both mate’s interests, a sweet little daughter, living in a comfortable home with a lovely garden.  Then…

A terrible accident, and he was gone.  In his own warehouse where he had done much of his background work, and was used to being alone late at night, a fire and explosion took his life.  Why?  All of a sudden when the daughter is snatched out of her own bedroom, it points to that question even more.  Was it an accident?

Shelby Kincaid puts love on the back-burner after her husband is killed, but a friendly neighbor who has lost people he loved in his own life, comes to her rescue in helping figure out the connections that fit together in this deep and scary story that God uses in most of the character’s lives.

You will enjoy the clues and the find near the end of the story!  Enjoy another book by Lois, from LOVE INSPIRED, SUSPENSE and Steeple Hill.


“Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek” by Janet Tronstad

Book Review

Janet hit it on the nail again!  And, “Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek” did take place!

How true it is that many young people look at the mistakes and character traits of their parents and automatically assume that they will be that same way.  Youth doesn’t understand that different circumstances, environment, life lessons, and with the power of Jesus Christ, we are able to turn our lives around and head another direction.

This is what character, Jake Stone, will find out after maturing, finding out he is a father, and continuing to love his old friend and mother of his child, Cathy Barker.  By caring for her, seeing her qualities again, and having paternal love for Lara, Jake is finally able to see that he can be that person and father that he so desires.

Cat never forgot Jake and never tried to replace him as a father, which shows a tremendous admiration and love.  She had already lived some of her life through his past, and she knew him in vulnerability.  This may show a special dimension to this relationship.  Janet Tronstad does a terrific job of showing a special connection and conveying a delightful story while imparting some truths that certainly appear in real people’s lives.

Jake’s storytelling of his childhood and neighborhood introduced Cat to the lilacs, his family, a Christian lady in his young life, and the town where someday she would thrive with Jake Stone!  A wonderful read!


On March 17th, we writers will again get together for an all day conference in Boise.   Some of the registrants have published this last year for the first time, some additional times, and some still waiting on that magic story that sends them out into the world of Authorship!

There will be classes, awards, music, agents!  Lunch provided.  Next year, you should plan to join us in all of the work and fun.  I attended last year for the first time and really enjoyed hearing speakers, meeting new people, and finding out where different people were headed on their writing adventure!

IdaHope is a writers connection for all types of work written in the Christian community of Boise and other guests.  Conferences are now regarded as the best place in general to meet and greet an agent from publishing houses all across America.

This Is The Day

This is the day that the Lord has made….I have to remind myself of how precious each day is.  With fighting SAD, I tend to retreat and sulk on days like today.  It is rainy, slushy, foggy with low clouds and cool.  I appreciate the warm wood stove that my husband helps keep going, but I desire real sunshine touching my shoulders and raising my Vitamin D!

Actually, days like this can be productive at home in many ways.  Either you can rest up when needed, write some letters, do spring cleaning, or talk to the Lord without so much distraction.  Since it is not time to plant my favorite red geraniums, I am not very distracted.

I laid awake for quite a while last night.  It seems like Satan loves to attack in the middle of the night.  He loves darkness, the Bible states, and I believe it!  Somehow the dark can be scary and you wish it was time to get up and start the day.  Prayer at that time does help though.  What do you fear?  Tell Him.  What do you need?  Tell Him.   What is your task for Him when you get up?  Ask Him.  He provides these times to talk to you and you to Him.  Griping doesn’t help, but praying, talking and praising does.  I bet you have nights like that, too.  He will get you through them.  Just ask Him to.



Do You Know Your Body Shape?Whether you are b o d or x here’s a slimming tip for you and a reminder as to which type you are in case you’re just not sure any more! Still not sure … click here.

For b body shape:
You are the gal who gains most of your weight in your tummy. Your shoulders are likely in balance with your hips and you don’t have a very narrow waist. Your rear is flatter than the average bottom (though not always) and you have a muffin top that you wish would disappear!
Slimming Tip: Wearing the proper undies will do your shape a world of good. I stopped by Soma the other day and found a fabulous pair for b bodies. The Vanishing Tummy High Leg Brief is a perfect pick for you. With a built in shaper, they cover just the right amount of tummy and are comfy too. A high leg brief pantie (most any brand) will hide your muffin top too! Don’t let the word “brief” have you thinking “granny panties” as they’re far from it.
Fashion Tip: Make sure your tops are longer than the fullest part of your tummy for the best slimming effect. No short tops or jackets for you.

For O body shape:
You are the gal who has an overflowing bustline and you also typically gain weight in your upper midriff area too. You struggle with looking out of balance because you’re top heavy. You usually have beautiful legs, not much in the rear area and are just basically rounder on top.
Slimming Tip: Your number one challenge is finding and wearing the correct bra. My friends at Essential Bodywear are at your rescue! This company has certified bra fitters who will come to you and fit you for the perfect bra. Check them out at and find a certified fitter near you. If you’d rather visit a store, Soma offers a new minimizing bra that will reduce up to 3 inches off your bustline. They have pretty designs too!
Fashion tip: Prints are more minimizing than solids when it comes to dressing your body. So next time you’re out shopping, opt for a printed blouse or dress instead of a plain one.

For d body shape:
You carry your extra weight in your hips, thighs and derriere. You have a smaller waist than b’s and o’s.
Slimming Tip: Since we’re talking undergarments here, finding a shaper that works for your body shape in the spring and summer time may have you breaking out in hives at just the thought of it because of the warmer weather. Spanx is a brand known for it’s super power and its comfort so try them on for size and see how you like it. Try a hip and thigh shaper if you want to hold in your more fluffy parts and look sleeker in your skirts and pants. Target carries a line called Assets that is a lot less expensive. It may not be as cool and comfy, but check it out for easy on the budget shapers.
Fashion Tip: Show off that skinny waist of yours with a skinny belt! Wearing a belt will emphasize the smaller part of your body while taking attention away from your hips and thighs. If you are a combination body type of d and b, then forget the belt and wear a pop color near your face to bring the attention upwards!

For X body shape:
When standing in front of a mirror, you notice your hips and shoulders are balanced, your waist is smaller and you don’t usually gain extra weight in any one place. You’re a balanced X body shape. The goal in dressing is to look like an X, even if you’re not, so girl, you’ve got a foot up cause you’re already there!
Slimming Tip: Just because you’re balanced doesn’t mean you don’t have some body challenges. Perhaps you gain some weight in your tummy or maybe in your thighs, pay attention to these areas and dress them accordingly. You may need a shaper just for these areas. Wearing the correct bra and panties will help your balanced body look the very best it can.
Fashion Tip: If you’re wearing a shorter length top or jacket, wear it over a longer length skirt or pants. When wearing a longer jacket or top, then wear it over something shorter. Short over long, Long over short!

REVIEW FOR YOU, “Rocky Point Reunion” by Barbara McMahon

“Rocky Point Reunion”

“Rocky Point Reunion”

by Barbara McMahon

Mary Robinson’s review
Mar 12, 12 · edit

Recommended for: All Women Who Like Clean Romance
Read from March 09 to 11, 2012 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Could you trust someone who broke your heart 10 years ago? Do people really change or does God change them? Marci never married and became a business woman with her own restaurant in her home town. She wasn’t really unhappy, but watching her friends go on to marry and have a family was difficult at times. In the deepest part of her heart, she knew she still loved Zach. When he returns to the place where he left her years before, she tries to figure out if they will ever have another chance.  Zach shows a fatherly side to his personality and character that she had never seen before.  Will this help her see some quality maturity in him?

I Have Been Quiet

Me? Be quiet, you say?  Well, yes.

Some days we really need these times.  This week was one of them.  Re-thinking, re-potting, re-plotting, remembering, re-studying, researching, retreating and reviving!!!!

I have been listening to the Lord.  I have mentored with my friend.  I have hiked with goats.  I met with a friend who is back in my life.  I have breathed deeply.

Lord, come into my schedule.  Follow me wherever I wander.  Lay your hand on my shoulder and put your arm around me.  I do need you every hour.

Wake me out and prepare my heart for Sunday’s Word from the Pastor.  Help us to remember to set the clocks forward…But, not get ahead of myself and YOU!

Sunday NIght

What a wonderful sunny day and a wonderful message this morning at church!  I was fed so well by God’s Word today.  Praise Him for all that He is.

The sermon really reminded me how we need time alone, even seclusion, to seek His face.  Business, noise, activity gives us little time to really get to know Him and hear Him.  Being too busy can serve as an escape from hearing what we need to hear sometimes also.

So, let’s get alone with God, give Him an ear to find out what He really has for us and the direction we need to go.  If we have anxiety or fear, it may be we need to draw close to Him and rest in His arms.  Our Pastor described our God as a compassionate mother nursing her infant.  Are you that close to your Savior?


RAMONA’s Author Lived Near This Park

Mary A. Young Robinson with Ramona Statue

Beverly Cleary, well-known children’s author who created the character Ramona, lived near this Portland neighborhood’s city park.  The statue is of Ramona, the little girl who was very mischievous.  Beverly Cleary actually lived in the country near McMinnville as a small child, but later moved to the city in Portland.

Another great book to read is her autobiography called, “A Girl from Yamhill”.  It tells a story of a struggling family who has to move to the city.  Beverly starts out in a lower reading class in the public city school.  It is an encouraging read for both adults and young adults.

I visited here a couple of years ago with my best friend who is now residing in Portland.  We took two young ladies from South Carolina with us on a day’s journey to this park, the library in that neighborhood, the end of the Oregon Trail and other places of interest.

It was a beautiful day in Portland, Oregon with no rain!  On a sunny day, everything is green and lush and gives off a variety of good smells from the grass to the fir trees.  If you visit Portland and have enjoyed the Ramona series, you should visit Grant Park near 33rd Street and enjoy a trip down memory lane.