Lula is “Playing By Heart”, by Anne Mateer

Screen shot 2014-09-09 at 1.37.02 PMBecause it is unusual for me to read a novel in the first person, it took me a little while to get used to the way it flowed. However, as I moved on, I began to know Lula Bowman, better as Miss Bowman, than “Fruity Lou”. This situational nickname took me back to my own youth where I got labeled for being too tall or talk too much. And as a youngest in the family, not always taken seriously. Miss Bowman was spurred on by her father to be educated in a time when women were still mostly encouraged to stay home, especially in the Christian circles. But as Lula begins her studies with a scholarship in Mathematics, she makes it her priority for her life. When her sister loses her husband and is pregnant and needy, it is a hard decision to take leave from college and go home. No one else even realizes that she was doing anything important, much less how smart she really was. She accepts the opportunity to make a difference in a new job in her hometown while living with her sister at the local high school teaching Music and Basketball! She doesn’t even know anything about or even like sports, and Music has taken a very last place in her life at the time. She prays for the Lord to show her where her priorities should be, and while on her journey she meets a male Math teacher and Boys Basketball coach that makes her blood run warm. Turning into a confusing relationship where other women seem to be chasing the darling Mr.Vaughn, coach and teacher, Lula takes in hand her calling to the best of her ability where the Lord uses her coaching, teaching and playing the piano in church. She exhibits her character and determination to be the person whom the Lord can depend on. In the middle of a mess of misunderstandings God turns the story into a surprising and joyful ending for all. Don’t miss this great read.

This book was provided free by Bethany Books for review. This is my own evaluation with thoughts and opinions of my own. Mary Young Robinson, Boise, ID