Book Review of “THE MAIDEN OF MAYFAIR” BY Lawana Blackwell


The Maiden of Mayfair
by Lawana Blackwell

recommended for: those that love English historical/romance

read in June, 2012

This is the first book by this author that I have read. I enjoyed it very much, finding her development of characters very good, and never quite giving away the end so that you are never sure if Sarah will end up marrying her childhood friend or lose her inheritance.   A young Rector who doesn’t follow God and almost laughs in His face, gets caught in a scandal and goes to prison.  It seems to be a “good” thing for him as he begins to realize what life is really about and is repentant.  The mystery of her real father is solved and Sarah helps an old lady enjoy the rest of her life.  The scenery and history is English and makes reference to two totally different classes of people.   I am anxious to read another of her books. Donna Fletcher Crow is responsible for my appreciation and enjoyment of English stories.