Corrie Ten Boom
Solomon’s temple was completely – not just partly – dedicated to God. We all are a temple of the Holy Spirit, which is why we need to stop compromising, so that God can do blessed work through us. It is no longer what we can do, but what God can do. And often we experience that when we are weak, we are powerful, because we are relying on Him, on His power.

Corrie Ten Boom

It seems that sometimes we have to be reminded about things of life from someone who has already left this world.  Someone who lived life and death in a significant way.  No wonder she had the strength through the happenings of her day.  Oh, that we would have faith like that!


Happy Endings make for happy readers, right?  Yes!  It has been enjoyable to get more involved in this series with the lives of people living in Dry Creek, Montana.  When I read about Gracie Stone’s house, I remembered the way the bedroom had looked, the furniture had worn, and then I continued to learn about the colors and choices that she never go to make.  It was encouraging to see Gracie’s character develop from a wife of a hard-nosed rancher that was accused of something she didn’t do, to a lady who realized that her heart could love again if she opened it just a bit. It was also inspiring to note the other people in her life who were growing in acceptance and neighborly love.  Her sons rose to the occasion when they realized there was someone who would be good for their mother and they gave her a second chance also to fall in love.  I love Janet Tronstad’s way with descriptions and how she makes these people seem like real people in my life and makes me care for them.  Now that I know these hard-working people in Montana, it makes me want to visit sometime….Ah, Yes…in another book!  Keep them coming, Janet.