Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 1.33.41 AMDeputy Casey Sloane is surprised when she finds out that E.J. Queen is on the other side of the door. Evidently this case is not turning out to be routine, with 3 U.S.Marshals ending up with the case, including an old boyfriend from D.C. Was she glad to see him? She respected him and trusted him so she was glad to see him on the case. She wasn’t sure if she was glad on a personal note. With an explosion from a bomb that was set off at Casey’s own work place, her boss, her life, her friends were all at risk. What had happened? Someone didn’t want a witness that was to be escorted out of town to testify, to make the trip alive. And who ever else gets in the way didn’t seem to matter. Casey’s boss, Richard Batterson, ends up in a hospital bed just as the team is prepared to leave town. But there was more than an explosion that almost killed him…
This book was provided by Bethany Books. All opinions are my own.  Mary Ann Young Robinson, Boise, ID.



I thoroughly enjoyed reading a little different type of Christian Fiction with more action . The characters were well developed, and the story moved along with excitement. Mercy took on a career in law enforcement even though her estranged father also had the same profession. A young male she grew up with had this occupational dream, and in her encouragement of him pursuing, she did also! But her life began to change as she saw a side of gang life, the Cartel, drugs, and murder that she wasn’t used to so much in her world. Betrayal in her own ranks became devastating. Then her father falls. Now she has even more invested in a baffling case of a missing flash drive that the gang members have killed for. Where is it? For the first time, suspicion surrounds even her. Assigned to the case along with ex-boyfriend and new Christian, Mark, she is placed in a situation where she needs help. She has doubted God most of her life. Will she call on God? Read and see! Great story.

This book was provided by Bethany/Baker Books. These opinions are my own.  Mary Ann Young Robinson, Boise, Idaho.