“An Inconvenient Beauty” by Kristi Ann Hunter

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Why can’t the Duke of Riverton find a wife he feels he could love? After all, he seems much more interested in a modest and content sort of woman who would fit in with his family. But then there is that word “love”…his family does believe in a marriage of love…he thinks he has found someone to pursue but the ones that know him doubt the match. The woman seems to doubt also as she eludes him when he draws too close. And then he sees Isabella. A little too pleasing to the eye for his comfort, she interests him as down to earth and level headed…so what is she doing teasing suitors almost every day? There is a mystery about her and he will find out what it is…maybe someday he will even dance with her…

This book was provided to me by Bethany Books. All opinions are my own. Mary Ann Young Robinson, Boise, ID