Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 12.05.39 AM.png WELCOME to my HOME page.  I am a joyful reader and writer. I hope you will decide to follow me on this site as I make my way through the maze of reading, learning the craft of writing, and reviewing the interesting books that I enjoy.

Mary Ann Young (Robinson) I made my original appearance at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee in 1951.  Born to a school teacher and musician, and to a homemaker and Medical Secretary, I grew up in a 1950’s rural sub section outside the city of Nashville, TN.  Some of the first families to live on a tree-shaded lane in Madison, I was blessed to know the very best of both worlds, the small town I loved and a city bus drive away to a major southern city.

Mary (I) attended public schools at a time when God was still revered and honored and many teachers were pastor’s wives and or attended a local church.  Christianity carried over to Music programs, Speech, Sports and almost every part of everyday life.  Although I carried all of these beliefs in my heart, there was a brief time in my life that I lost sight of God’s plan for my life.  At 23 years old, Mary (I)  rededicated my life to Christ and was set back on the path that God had already chosen for me.  Although my growth was slow for a few years, my heart and soul had been re-awakened to God’s Goodness.

Beginning in elementary school, I enjoyed writing short  stories and poems and reading aloud.  At Madison High, I was the Literary Editor on the newspaper staff and  got to travel to Murfreesboro to an actual city newspaper press which excited my literary juices.  At Austin Peay State University, I contributed articles to the college newspaper.  My main interest was writing poetry for many years, contributing to an anthology and hand writing several copies of poetry for friends.  Words on paper were always an important way of expressing my feelings as well as voicing questions about life.

I now write this blog, a new Face Book Page called “NO DAMAGE DONE?” a Spiritual and
Physical ministry work, and for my husband on a printed and on-line magazine, “Goat Tracks”.  I am also studying the craft of writing and pursuing publication of a Christian based fiction novel.  I have been a member of ACFW, “My Book Therapy” and Idahope Writers in Boise.  Living in a dry desert area of the Boise Foothills I have learned firsthand about animals such as pack-goats, elk, deer, coyotes, fox, and raptors.  When possible I also enjoy crafts such as soap making, design and fashion, and especially working on color themes and combinations of patterns in clothing and home decor.

I have three adult daughters with two living in Idaho and one in Texas. I also have three grandchildren in Idaho. My husband is a retired Electronics person and former back-country pilot, but also is an avid mountain goat packing hiker averaging over 200 miles each year.  He is an active leader in the organization of NapGa (North American Pack Goats Association),  is the editor of “Goat Tracks” magazine, and publishes other local newsletters.   While both attending a local church, Larry plays the trumpet in the orchestra.

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