How to Keep Writing

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What I have heard for several years is true. Writing is therapy for those that are moody creative people. And if you are the type that gets bored easily, tasking back and forth to different kinds of writing will help break the monotony of the same topic or genre and give new inspiration. I should have realized this earlier on, as when I worked as a Administrative Assistant and juggled assignments I was the most productive.  For me, chocolate is not enough. I love it, (and how) but I have to have a surge of a different type. The surge of knowing whom I am, remembering details that affirm me, and recalling where I have been helps fill a need. And I found that by doing some personal writing about the past, my childhood, and my experiences in life. Journaling! Yes, they were right. Journaling is a multi-reasonable way to keep writing. Somehow, the juggling of ideas, spaces of time, and reflections of your personality can motivate you to a produce more. You go back to the beginning that will help you move forward. Then you add in the other pieces, of people you care about, places that have inspired you and things you have learned on particular journeys. Everything in life affects your writing. When you make yourself write and you feel empty, your writing will be empty. Yes, you do need to be disciplined, but you don’t have to write on one particular project at that moment. Make the choice to switch avenues, and then choose to write willingly when you are back on track. Some of us moody people also can be rebellious. Don’t let this hang on. Get rid of the reason you feel that way. Start fresh and again. Look at it this way, when you go on vacation, you want varied experiences and activities to make the total of a great time. This can apply to anything you do, especially writing. So, the next time you cannot concentrate and feel inadequate, switch to something totally different and see how this little tip can steer you back to excitement and creativity!