Reader Appreciation Award

Do You Deserve This?

Do You Deserve This?

Answer these few questions to see if you deserve the “Reader Appreciation Award for February!

1.     How many books do you read per week including the past 4 weeks?

2.     Do you always read just one “genre” or vary during the week?

3.     Does reading encourage you to write or are you happy just to read?

4.     Do you give new authors a chance or stick to your favorites?

5.     What percentage of the books you read do you feel give you a lesson from the Lord to pray about?

Answer these questions in the reply box on my blogging page on my website here at  If you win the award, you will receive the flower award above to show on your website and a surprise gift.  Winner will be announced on February 8th.


“Bunned” By My Best Friend”

Mary, 1977, age 25 BUNNED By My Friend!Mary's Twist 2012

Although I am 61 1/2, I still enjoy fashion, color, and having fun!  I often tell people that, I am only about 35-45 in my head, even younger some days.  With a maiden name of Young, my grandfather told me that I would “always” be young!  I know what he meant now.

The research bug bit me when I seriously starting writing stories.  I enjoy studying the early 1900’s about the time my grandparents were marrying and raising families.  I always liked the “Gibson Girls“,  and wore my hair up in the 1960’s while most were ironing their hair down long.  I did try that once, but curly hair in humid southeast climate didn’t cooperate.

My friend, Alyce Cathryn, is a crochet whiz!  She not only made me bun covers and flowers, she made my 95 year old mother two lovely hats.  What a blessing.

I enjoy seeing the different braids young ladies are also wearing, referring back to the milk maid, etc.  I haven’t seen the “Pippi” look yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it sometime…Above are some shots of me with hair up, the middle one from 1977.

Below, I will share some of the “Gibson” fuller and higher buns that I enjoyed copying back in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, and hope to try  again soon, donut buns now called “ballet buns” are cute too…after all, God makes us responsible for our own fun times, laughing, and joyful days.  No one else should be asked to entertain us, so I have continued to learn even later in life to entertain myself.

Gibson Girl

Pretty, Feminine & Pink

…and I like it.

Simple Attraction

Simple Attraction

The Way Things Were

The Way Things Were

Is it Polite to discuss Religion and Politics? Daily Prompt

DV03-0511Number 1:

Who brought the subject up?  I believe if the other person brings the subject up, you actually have a duty to either share the GospelGood News” or your own Godly view of the world.  Be sure you quote Bible verses and truths correctly.

Number 2:

You must give the other person their say, even when you know it is opposite of God‘s Word.  It is polite, and they might listen to you better if you treat them kindly which is commanded and shows your obedience.

Number 3:

Know when enough is enough and have a plan in mind of how to escape before anyone is actually angry.  Once a person has built up too much steam, they may decide to never talk to you in a personal way again.

Number 4:

Always show God’s love by using respect for where the other person has come from, or walked.  You have no idea how they came to think what they think.  Will you be the instrument that God will use to spread the gospel?

Every Day

Lakeside_SunriseIt seems like many of us forget when we are trudging through our life, that every day is a new journey, battle, and adventure. Sometimes we tend to look back at yesterday and carry it again. That was yesterday. God said that each day would have enough trouble of its own. Why would we choose to carry our “stuff” from yesterday into this new arena?

Every day we should start that day with a perspective of taking care of that day’s business. No carry overs, no tomorrow stuff, just what is on the calendar today, whether it be prayer calendar or appointments.

God gives us a new, clean slate when we become a believer. But He also gives us a new slate every day as we begin with praise for the sunrise, clouds, rain, or sunset. Every thing allowed in that day is for a reason. You may not see it at the time. or maybe never understand. Still, make the time fruitful and stand in that day’s life events.

Clarence Enzler, Christian Catholic, writes back in 1986, and publishes “Everyone’s Way of the Cross“.

As Christ: “This cross, this chunk of tree, is what my Father chose for me.

The crosses you must bear are largely products of your daily life. And yet my father chose them, too, for you.

Receive them from His hands.

Take heart, my other self, I will not let your burdens grow one ounce too heavy for your strength.”

As I reply: “My Jesus, Lord, I take my daily cross.

I welcome the monotony that often marks my day, discomforts of all kinds, the summer’s heat, the winter’s cold, my disappointments, tensions, setbacks, cares.

Remind me often that in carrying your cross,
I carry yours with you. And though I bear a sliver only of your cross,
You carry all of mine, except a sliver, in return”.