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When Marianne Nuemann took a position with the Children’s Aid Society, she had one thing on her mind. Her little sister, Sophie, had been adopted out during a recession in 1858 and she hoped to find her. New York City was running over with orphans and Marianne lost track of her sister when they had to be separated for a time. She never imagined she and a brother would be put on an Orphan Train without her permission as an older sister. Times were hard and there was not enough money in the remaining family to care for so many children after her parents passed. Marianne planned to look for her sister as she also was supporting herself and helping place children into safe and welcoming families…she hoped anyway. She went on her first trip on the train with Andrew Brady as her co-worker. He seemed to be secure in his position and really care for the children that they were responsible for on this trip. Marianne lets him know that she had a beau at one time and was still counting on the relationship to come to marriage at some time. But later as they stopped in towns, Mr. Brady was put to the test with some of the boys on the train. Tragedy happened while they were supposed to placing children and Marianne sees a different side of Andrew Brady. As feelings form between them, they are tested beyond imagination by tragedy and lies. See how this tale evolves and how God intervenes in the lives of both of these characters.

This book was provided to me by Bethany Books. All opinions and comments are fully my own.
Mary Young Robinson, Boise, ID.