Review of “The Miner’s Lady” by Tracie Peterson

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 9.11.21 PMBecause our belief in God gives us Hope, we can be encouraged by reading a story that tells of hope. Even if this one particular story is fiction, it could have been real in someone’s life that we never knew personally. The growth of these characters in maturity and spiritual matters will give other Christians a thrill.  Watching true love happen to someone else is a gift.  It looked as if two families would never forgive each other and allow a blending of blood, but God had another plan.  Many times we humans have to walk through scary circumstances before we learn to obey the Lord and extend forgiveness. This sweet story taking place in a small mining town in Minnesota, also gives glimpses of Old Italy and the families’ heritage. You will enjoy finding out how hearts melt and love wins in this mid-western romancer.

This book was sent to me by Bethany Publishing House for a fair review by me.

Voice Your Failure And Your Redemption

When A Woman Finds Her Voice

When A Woman Finds Her Voice

I asked Jesus Christ into my heart.  Yes, He was real to me.  But His truth was not nourished and embedded in my heart.  The battle raged on.  I was thrust into the struggle without the proper armor.  I was young, I was weak, I was confused.  Through relationships, I became controlled and manipulated to succumb to Satan‘s invitations.  My insecurity ruled me, after all, this was what the fallen angel wanted.  I listened to the  Wrong Voices.  

I failed.  I scraped my knees while falling.  But I can get up.  With God’s power I am being made whole again.  It is a journey.  I will NOT be controlled again by anyone or anything but Christ.  Do I believe this?  Now, Lord help me with my unbelief!


The Lord wants us to be as healthy as we can be even though this world is so desperately flawed.  Sickness in so many forms resonate from the original fall, but our present sins are also influencing these developments every minute of the day.  Strive for perfection, say ye?  NO, of course not, because that is not attainable on earth.  But listening to the Holy Spirit to allow His guidance, is here in this present day world, as Jesus promised before He went to be with the Father God.

Emotional and mental illness is a complex issue.  Educated doctors are still baffled over which pill will calm you, which pill will keep you centered on life, what therapy will help you get well.  I am certainly not against help.   But the counsel and therapy offered through Jesus Christ and the Bible should be sought first and foremost for the Christian.  And remember what the Bible says about fellowship?  This is so important, I believe, especially for women of today.  (ALL AGES)  This includes mentoring, praying together, laughing together, grieving together, etc.

Jo Ann Fore has been a “wounded woman”.  Through God’s Grace, she has found her voice and wants to be involved with healing of other women, partnering with the Lord.  She is offering information and experience for today’s women to help them find their voice.  Have you been to her Face Book site “Writing Where It Hurts“?  And where does it hurt?  Only you know where it hurts and how it hurts.  Why not journal and write about it to help get your thoughts down before you and God as you pray.

Look for Jo Ann’s new book, When A Woman Finds Her Voice: Overcoming Life’s Hurts & Using Your Story to Make a Difference, soon to be released.

New Release: “REBELLIOUS HEARTS” BY Jody Hedlund



Reading dedications or prologues in books has not been my regular habit, but I did read this one and was touched by it, as she dedicated this story to her three daughters…I also have three. It starts off like a murder mystery in the late 1700’s on the East coast. There is a huge degree of secrecy, unrest, indentured servants, and smuggling going on in the American colonies. During this time, right and wrong are fuzzy in regards to government, colonies’ rights and the “mother country”.   Susanna Smith grew up in a family with some wealth, not as much as some in the community, but a substantial landowner family. When she comes into contact with a less social standing playmate from the past, she is taken by him, but realizes they come from different worlds. The story winds around this concept, but the last third of the story is written so beautiful weaving in and around their relationship and struggles.   Sacrificial love as given to us through Jesus Christ, is expressed here in a human way and overcomes personal desire, lust, and companionship.  If you wish to see Friendship and Love in the most real way, it is here written in this story. You will be glad you read it as you think back on the sweetness in their story. You also will learn a secret at the end about the story.

This book is releasing during the month of September, 2013 by Bethany Books.  This review is based on a book given to me from Bethany Publishers for a fair review by me.

This book was provided by Bethany Publishers for a fair review by me.