My Original Hometown was Scorching Hot!

I lived in an area of Nashville, Tennessee for 23 years.  I never experienced to my knowledge, anything like 106-109 degrees in the summertime!  With the humidity, it must of been a real “killer”…without air conditioning, it could be for some people.

Even though I have not been a proponent of “global warming”, it is obvious that something is different.  Such a beautiful part of this country, it is hot enough with just the regular high 90’s temps in a normal summer.  And it is usually in July-August!

If you are one of the brave souls living through this heat, be sure and be careful and remember that your body is not used to this.  Take extra precautions and stay inside when possible.  I have adjusted to a drier climate, so I will be thinking of you today from my deck in Boise, where it is dry and more pleasant.  Oh, well, we have our heat waves too!