“A Heart Deceived” by Michelle Griep, Inspirational

Thursday, June 20, 2013


by Michelle Griep

Michelle Griep

Hey…do you hear that? Pause and listen. Yes indeedy, it IS the Hallelujah Chorus accompanied by crazed shrieking. Don’t worry. You’re not going nutty-nuts. It’s just me whoopin’ it up big time because today is the day A HEART DECEIVED comes out. That’s book birth #3 for me and I am one super-freaking-excited mama!

Now then, on to the next round of 2 Truths & a Lie. By now you know the routine…which statement is the lie?

1. The first thing I ever got published was a poem.

2. The first manuscript I wrote took 5 years before it was accepted by a publisher.

3. I am an introvert. I’d much rather be shut in a room with pretend characters than hanging out with real humanoids.

Don’t forget: you can rack up extra entries by Tweeting a tweetable or hosting one of my guest posts on your blog.

This has really been a fun game so far. Thanks for playing! It would’ve been really pathetic if I’d had to play it alone.

So It’s Going To Be Mother’s Day

My MAMA, Blanche Holland Young

My MAMA, Blanche Holland Young

I stopped by her senior cottage almost arriving to her room, to see if she was ready to go to a Mother’s Celebration yesterday there at the Assisted Living. The staff said she had already pushed herself in the wheel chair over to another building and might be either sitting out in the courtyard or may have gone inside. I couldn’t find her anywhere. I went back to her room and there she was, so fragile, so pale, but a smile formed on her light lips. I asked her if I could help her put on a little dab of rosy lipstick and she said she didn’t have any. I opened the mirrored shelf in the bathroom and lifted the 3 lipsticks and picked out the lightest color and took it to her. She put on a smidgen and rubbed her lips together. We were ready to go now to see what was planned for the residents from about 55 -95. They were providing a flower to plant in large pots in the courtyard for mothers. Only a few showed up, and a dripping plant was quickly plopped from her hand to my hand as my mother began to become anxious that the sun would cause her to have a stroke. I planted it for her in the pot closest to her own building and we went inside to cool down. We shared some fruit punch and I calmed her. Two nights ago she had fallen from her bed to the floor trying to transfer to go to the bathroom in the dark. She now seems to think people are just waiting around for her to die . I told her I hadn’t heard anything like that and passed it off as a joke. She is 95 1/2, although she can’t remember her last birthday party in December or how old she is on most days.  She doesn’t have Alzheimer s, just old age dementia and memory loss. It wasn’t that long ago that she handled her own med dosing. It wasn’t that long ago that she was racing with her 3-wheel walker with brakes bounding down and around in circles on the courtyard sidewalk. That was then. Now I look for pictures that we can color or use colored markers, for the woman who used to be an artist, a seamstress, a Sunday School Teacher, a medical secretary, and who used to cut her own lawn. Only a shadow of herself, I long for the woman she was when I was a little girl, that made me special dresses, even a little girl wedding dress, and a twirly skirt with red tomatoes dancing on white polished cotton. She can’t find her nail polish, I find it and place it where she can find it later and loosen the tops for her. The air-conditioner is on and she feels cool.  She doesn’t understand why it is on.  I tell her it is 85-90 degrees outside.  She says, “But it isn’t inside”.  She tells me she appreciates me and loves me so much. I remember fights and misunderstandings over the years. I remember she accused me of stealing from her. I comb her waves around her face. She says I am all she needs and that I remember everything. She will not be here much longer. But today she is. And what she said to me, was all I needed to hear. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama, Blanche, I love you, too.


Happy Endings make for happy readers, right?  Yes!  It has been enjoyable to get more involved in this series with the lives of people living in Dry Creek, Montana.  When I read about Gracie Stone’s house, I remembered the way the bedroom had looked, the furniture had worn, and then I continued to learn about the colors and choices that she never go to make.  It was encouraging to see Gracie’s character develop from a wife of a hard-nosed rancher that was accused of something she didn’t do, to a lady who realized that her heart could love again if she opened it just a bit. It was also inspiring to note the other people in her life who were growing in acceptance and neighborly love.  Her sons rose to the occasion when they realized there was someone who would be good for their mother and they gave her a second chance also to fall in love.  I love Janet Tronstad’s way with descriptions and how she makes these people seem like real people in my life and makes me care for them.  Now that I know these hard-working people in Montana, it makes me want to visit sometime….Ah, Yes…in another book!  Keep them coming, Janet.

A Southwestern Trip To Remember

English: Zion Canyon at sunset in Zion Nationa...

English: Zion Canyon at sunset in Zion National Park as seen from Angels Landing looking south. Français : Zion Canyon (Parc national de Zion, en Utah, USA) au coucher du soleil vu d’Angels Landing en regardant vers le sud. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It started out to be a special trip to visit my oldest daughter, Jolie and her husband, Damien in their new hometown and see D be installed as Rector of an Anglican church(Holy Cross) in West Texas. (Alpine)

After years of school, working, assisting, changing denominations, God directed my kids to a beautiful small town, USA.  The parish was full of friendly people who radiated the love of our Savior and whom seemed grateful for the arrival of the new rector and wife.  A meaningful service with communion was followed by a delightful lunch.  I had the opportunity to mingle with the members and get an introduction to the group at large.

Damien, who graduated with a Bible Degree previously, also obtained a Masters in Divinity this last year.  He has also been a finished carpenter and builder.  Jolie, graduated with an undergraduate degree in Commercial Art and now a Masters in Biblical Studies from Cranmer House in Texas.  Jolie has been blessed with talents in music, art, design and teaching.

It was exciting to visit in Alpine and see an oasis in the midst of the hot southwest.  We stayed at a very green grassy RV Park outside the town close to their parsonage.  Church is not far from where they live at the present.  Big Bend National Park is only about an hour from Alpine and we drove out to see the mountains separating the state from Mexico.

When we left, we headed to the New Mexican community where we snow bird amounting to several years now.  When we left in early May from Glenwood, we got home and heard that there had been fire in the Gilas.  It could have been worse, but will pose a problem for flooding during the next year of so because of losing so much foliage.  We had never been there when it was hot, so without an air-conditioner in our RV we suffered a little…(not too bad)

For a change we stayed at a different RV Park with several hot spring pools.  New Mexico is known for hot springs throughout this part of the state.  The night skies promised a beautiful starry and moonlit evening from the pool.  We were there for a short stay and saw as many of our friends as we could.  It is always a treat to stop by “The Blue Front” grill owned by Bucky.  Bucky started out his career in the Nashville area in Country/Bluegrass, but used wisdom as a family man to move back to NM to raise a family and stay close to his roots.  His music can be enjoyed all over New Mexico and at his bar & grill on Thursday nights.

Moving on to Arizona, we saw a lot of pretty sunsets and went through Flagstaff and Payson where we saw more glorious mountains mixed with a hint of green.  We ate at one of the best Mexican restaurants in the country in Payson, “El Rancho”.  I managed to talk Larry into letting me shop for a few minutes…I mean a few ?  Anyhow, I found a mahogany short secretary that suited my tastes perfectly.  INto the truck it went!

I hope to download my photos tomorrow when I get my new cable.  We ventured through “Zion National Park” in Utah to complete our touring trip.  I have always liked tunnels, and we drove through one to get to the main part of the park.  It is easy to believe in a creator while looking at these fabulous marvels.  Not only the colors were nice, but there are so many lines, grooves, chunks, holes, slots, etc.  I hope to go back there for more one day.

We didn’t take any goats with us this time, but our dog, Maxie, is such a good traveler.  He slept most of the time in the truck and slept in the RV with us at night.  He enjoyed running around some but we managed to keep him under leash control a lot of the time.  He was glad to get home and have the run of the yard and back porch.  Kit Kat was waiting for us all when we arrived and all was well.  Home looked good.