Trailing through a Target Store

I was in a Target store this afternoon that was set up a little differently than the ones I frequent normally.  After thoroughly investigating and still not finding the dog foods, I stopped to ask a young man working inside.  He told me it was in a hidden place different from most of the other stores.  Yes, I knew that much.  OK, I found it near People Food (Grocery).

A little later, I heard two young lades about HS or early college age dialoguing about some other young lady who would not use Google or other search engines and kept bothering other students to do her work for her.  I had to turn, look, smile and then laugh to myself.  Since I am a 61 year old “Google Queen”, it is hard for me to understand this scenario.

I could tell they both were in angst and wanted to rid this person from their daily routine.  If they had only known why I smiled and the hours that I put in on Google for research for writing and just normal life, they would be amazed.  And I am sure it would give their friend a stroke.