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When Marianne Nuemann took a position with the Children’s Aid Society, she had one thing on her mind. Her little sister, Sophie, had been adopted out during a recession in 1858 and she hoped to find her. New York City was running over with orphans and Marianne lost track of her sister when they had to be separated for a time. She never imagined she and a brother would be put on an Orphan Train without her permission as an older sister. Times were hard and there was not enough money in the remaining family to care for so many children after her parents passed. Marianne planned to look for her sister as she also was supporting herself and helping place children into safe and welcoming families…she hoped anyway. She went on her first trip on the train with Andrew Brady as her co-worker. He seemed to be secure in his position and really care for the children that they were responsible for on this trip. Marianne lets him know that she had a beau at one time and was still counting on the relationship to come to marriage at some time. But later as they stopped in towns, Mr. Brady was put to the test with some of the boys on the train. Tragedy happened while they were supposed to placing children and Marianne sees a different side of Andrew Brady. As feelings form between them, they are tested beyond imagination by tragedy and lies. See how this tale evolves and how God intervenes in the lives of both of these characters.

This book was provided to me by Bethany Books. All opinions and comments are fully my own.
Mary Young Robinson, Boise, ID.

A Haven on Orchard Lane by Lawana Blackwell

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Yes, she was dramatic in her life and in her profession. And, yes, she was probably self-absorbed. But she never let her daughter drift far from her mind and heart. Although Rosalind would not know for many years that her mother took care of her from a distance while on the stage, it was true. The men in her life were poor choices and added reason to love from afar. Charlotte finally retired to a 16th Century limestone mansion named Fosberry Hall. The first time she saw it, it took her breath away. Now it became almost impossible to breathe from the stuffiness of the life and relationship with her husband, Lord Fosberry. And then it happened. She was contacted to perform. But how would she be able to do it? She was bodily heavy, held like a captive in a fortress, and had little resources now of her own. This story will show how love prevails in an unexpected way and how our true Lord covers our losses in our time of need. Lawana Blackwell is one of my favorite authors of Historical sagas. This is a lovely new story and I whole-hardheartedly recommend it. Don’t miss this intimate mother and daughter renewal.

This book was provided by Bethany-Baker Books. All opinions are my own. Mary Ann Young Robinson, Boise, Idaho



Back to Blessing in “Streams of Mercy”



I was so glad to return to the town of Blessing, just as Anji Baard Moen did, after the death of her husband while living in Norway. Blessing was where she grew up, had her first love, developed friendships, so it wasn’t hard to leave her mother-in-law’s harsh home where children were little more than objects in the room.

The threat she lived with, though, was that her mother-in-law would not share any family money with her if she would decide to remarry and give her children a father. How selfish, but Anji worked hard and wasn’t sure she would want to remarry. She set her mind to teaching, and writing articles for the Blessing Gazette, but while doing that, met an Anglican Priest that became her friend.

Thomas Devlin, an Irish minister, was the main editor. Single, fun, and sensitive, Anji began to look at him differently and wondered if he was experiencing some of the same feelings. He came for dinner, enjoyed her children and finally asked to court her.

A circus train came through the town exposing Blessing to Diphtheria. Thorliff, a very loved member of the community and Doctor Astrid’s brother, lost his wife, Elizabeth, to the disease, but recovered himself to take care of his children. Anji was grieved to see him suffer as he was her first love as young people in this town.

Then the church call came…it was too far away. He knew he was called and yet was drawn to Anji and she couldn’t face leaving Blessing for the second time. Thomas went to have an appointment near Chicago to find out if this was where the Lord was calling him. The distance softened both Anji and Thomas’s heart preparing them for future ministry. After Anji had a heart to heart talk to Thorliff about the past, she realized how she must move forward in her life.

Ingebord, still a vital widow in the town, is a support system for many. Her medical training of Astrid pays off. She becomes the main stay of the hospital, assisted by Miriam, now living in Blessing married to Tryve.

The colorful characters of Blessing come to life again as Lauraine Snelling presents a new tale of community, love, suffering and perseverance.

“Taken” by Dee Henderson

What I like about Dee Henderson’s writing is that you really feel like you are there. The flow is very good and she knows when to change from scene to scene well. The story was a good Christian fiction story in the sense that your teenager could read without your worry. It does show that Christians can make decisions that do not muddy their lives when following the Lord’s mandate. I expected a little more mystery woven around her family and added suspense, since this is the type book it is supposed to be based on the title. The main character’s progress through her trial may have been a little too progressive too fast, but some of it was based on her own personality and the personal time in taking photos and traveling as opposed to being kept somewhere in seclusion. I enjoyed reading it very much and this was the second one of hers I have read so far. I look forward to more of this talented writer. Compelling Cover.



Mary Robinson, Boise, ID

This book was provided by Bethany Books and the comments are my own opinions.

New Release: “REBELLIOUS HEARTS” BY Jody Hedlund



Reading dedications or prologues in books has not been my regular habit, but I did read this one and was touched by it, as she dedicated this story to her three daughters…I also have three. It starts off like a murder mystery in the late 1700’s on the East coast. There is a huge degree of secrecy, unrest, indentured servants, and smuggling going on in the American colonies. During this time, right and wrong are fuzzy in regards to government, colonies’ rights and the “mother country”.   Susanna Smith grew up in a family with some wealth, not as much as some in the community, but a substantial landowner family. When she comes into contact with a less social standing playmate from the past, she is taken by him, but realizes they come from different worlds. The story winds around this concept, but the last third of the story is written so beautiful weaving in and around their relationship and struggles.   Sacrificial love as given to us through Jesus Christ, is expressed here in a human way and overcomes personal desire, lust, and companionship.  If you wish to see Friendship and Love in the most real way, it is here written in this story. You will be glad you read it as you think back on the sweetness in their story. You also will learn a secret at the end about the story.

This book is releasing during the month of September, 2013 by Bethany Books.  This review is based on a book given to me from Bethany Publishers for a fair review by me.

This book was provided by Bethany Publishers for a fair review by me.

Every Day

Lakeside_SunriseIt seems like many of us forget when we are trudging through our life, that every day is a new journey, battle, and adventure. Sometimes we tend to look back at yesterday and carry it again. That was yesterday. God said that each day would have enough trouble of its own. Why would we choose to carry our “stuff” from yesterday into this new arena?

Every day we should start that day with a perspective of taking care of that day’s business. No carry overs, no tomorrow stuff, just what is on the calendar today, whether it be prayer calendar or appointments.

God gives us a new, clean slate when we become a believer. But He also gives us a new slate every day as we begin with praise for the sunrise, clouds, rain, or sunset. Every thing allowed in that day is for a reason. You may not see it at the time. or maybe never understand. Still, make the time fruitful and stand in that day’s life events.

Clarence Enzler, Christian Catholic, writes back in 1986, and publishes “Everyone’s Way of the Cross“.

As Christ: “This cross, this chunk of tree, is what my Father chose for me.

The crosses you must bear are largely products of your daily life. And yet my father chose them, too, for you.

Receive them from His hands.

Take heart, my other self, I will not let your burdens grow one ounce too heavy for your strength.”

As I reply: “My Jesus, Lord, I take my daily cross.

I welcome the monotony that often marks my day, discomforts of all kinds, the summer’s heat, the winter’s cold, my disappointments, tensions, setbacks, cares.

Remind me often that in carrying your cross,
I carry yours with you. And though I bear a sliver only of your cross,
You carry all of mine, except a sliver, in return”.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI cherish to remember that it doesn’t matter who you are, who you are with, or where you are, you can savor the savior. It is Christmas morn, a little snow on the hills and our porch. The cat is happy by the fire and the dog is happy to jump around in the new fallen snow. No matter how you feel or what your lot in life is, you can grab the joy that Jesus Christ brought into this world. A fallen world of bad choices and sin wear and tear on our souls and everyday lives. But HE OVERCOMES! No matter what is under your tree this Christmas, may you reach for His hand and celebrate His birth and His relationship…today, tomorrow and into the future He has promised…Merry Christmas.

Today I Worshipped

When I was a little girl attending church on Sunday mornings I remember singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” probably more than any other song.  I am now so thankful for that as I believe at an early age I grasped the Holiness of my God and Savior.  It was written by Heber during the years of 1783-1826.  This morning, we sang it for our first hymn.  I am 61.  Doesn’t it give you cold chills to think of all the people who have sung this song in adoration?

Then today we moved on to a song written in 2003.  “My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness“. by Keith Getty & Stuart Towned

“My heart is filled with thankfulness to Him who bore my pain; Who plumbed the depths of my disgrace and gave me life again.

Who crushed my curse of sinfulness and clothed me in His light, and wrote His law of righteousness with pow’r upon my heart.”


We all struggle with the woes of this natural life.  Oh, if I could in all honesty say these words every day with no anxiety or fear.  In the year 1876, the sister of a missionary to China who died a martyr, wrote the words to a song so loved.   Jean Sophia Pigott, “Jesus, I am Resting”

“Jesus, I am resting, resting, in the joy of what thou art,  I am finding out the greatness of your loving heart.  You have bid me gaze upon You and your beauty fills my soul, for by your transforming power, You have made me whole”


The ending of my Sunday was tucking my 94 1/2-year-old Christian mother into bed at the Assisted Living before returning home.  The perfect ending to a perfect Sunday.