Confession of Sins

Jesus the Christ, who died for my sins

Jesus the Christ, who died for my sins

Our Father in heaven:

We confess to you that we
have strayed from your holy Word.
We have not loved you sufficiently.
We have not served you resolutely.
We have not loved our neighbor as ourselves.

Yet you are a God of forgiveness.
You scatter sin “as far as the east
is from the west” (Ps 103:12).
You restore those of lowly and contrite hearts.

Examine our priorities, our ambitions,
our attitudes. Reveal wherever they are contrary to
your will. Remove every impediment to holy obedience
in order that we may “walk in a manner worthy of the
calling that we have received” (Eph 4:1);

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Taken from All Saints PCA bulletin, January 19, 2014

When a Woman finds her Voice, by Jo Ann Fore

When A Woman Finds Her Voice

When A Woman Finds Her Voice

About This Great New Book by Mary Young Robinson

It didn’t take long for most of us to learn to put the mask on, protecting ourselves from more shame and pain. And then there were those well-meaning non-victorious Christians who just encouraged that type of living filled with pride.

Well now we know! That’s definitely NOT what Christ wants for us. Jo Ann Fore is able to plainly articulate why that plan always fails. With grace and experience, Jo Ann seeks to point others to the real answer and how to apply it Biblically.

Using her own war battled wounds and scars, Jo Ann genuinely hugs each reader with her insight and encouragement. It is amazing how God is still raising up special people like Jo Ann to melt our hearts and strengthen our spirits through Jesus Christ.

I won my book through a give-away on Good Reads. (a great place to read reviews and leave reviews)  I would have bought it anyway…and now I want to get it into the vision of other wanderers…you will love her stories! You will love how God has helped her overcome!

Friends, don’t you agree that when you are depressed, ashamed, and nursing wounds, you wish you could talk to just one person who understood?  Jo Ann does, and she surrounds herself and ministry with other vital women who are learning the process that will make them free.  Read it, make notes, and treasure your outcome as you serve others.

Voice Your Failure And Your Redemption

When A Woman Finds Her Voice

When A Woman Finds Her Voice

I asked Jesus Christ into my heart.  Yes, He was real to me.  But His truth was not nourished and embedded in my heart.  The battle raged on.  I was thrust into the struggle without the proper armor.  I was young, I was weak, I was confused.  Through relationships, I became controlled and manipulated to succumb to Satan‘s invitations.  My insecurity ruled me, after all, this was what the fallen angel wanted.  I listened to the  Wrong Voices.  

I failed.  I scraped my knees while falling.  But I can get up.  With God’s power I am being made whole again.  It is a journey.  I will NOT be controlled again by anyone or anything but Christ.  Do I believe this?  Now, Lord help me with my unbelief!


The Lord wants us to be as healthy as we can be even though this world is so desperately flawed.  Sickness in so many forms resonate from the original fall, but our present sins are also influencing these developments every minute of the day.  Strive for perfection, say ye?  NO, of course not, because that is not attainable on earth.  But listening to the Holy Spirit to allow His guidance, is here in this present day world, as Jesus promised before He went to be with the Father God.

Emotional and mental illness is a complex issue.  Educated doctors are still baffled over which pill will calm you, which pill will keep you centered on life, what therapy will help you get well.  I am certainly not against help.   But the counsel and therapy offered through Jesus Christ and the Bible should be sought first and foremost for the Christian.  And remember what the Bible says about fellowship?  This is so important, I believe, especially for women of today.  (ALL AGES)  This includes mentoring, praying together, laughing together, grieving together, etc.

Jo Ann Fore has been a “wounded woman”.  Through God’s Grace, she has found her voice and wants to be involved with healing of other women, partnering with the Lord.  She is offering information and experience for today’s women to help them find their voice.  Have you been to her Face Book site “Writing Where It Hurts“?  And where does it hurt?  Only you know where it hurts and how it hurts.  Why not journal and write about it to help get your thoughts down before you and God as you pray.

Look for Jo Ann’s new book, When A Woman Finds Her Voice: Overcoming Life’s Hurts & Using Your Story to Make a Difference, soon to be released.

Day 3 in the Foothills of Boise

We have had blowing rain since this morning twenty miles from Boise.  Some days we have snow and Boise has none.  I look forward to days when I come into town that it is 5 degrees warmer and dry, too!

No matter what the weather is, even though it does affect my attitude, I still have to appreciate God’s supply of moisture and care-taking that he does in my area of the world.  We have certain things that we enjoy and want, but sometimes we just cannot have those things; at least not on that specific day.  This is when we have to look to Jesus Christ and know that our whimsical and flighty desires are not all that important in the whole scheme of life. (He does care about each one of us, however.)

We keep writing our story, when the story is really HIS.  Remember, HISTORY…His- story.  We are here for His reasons, not our own.  It is easy to forget that when we plan our day or make requests.  When you get up in the morning, what do you ask the Lord?  Do you ask Him what he has for you? Or do you ask Him if He will give you this or that?  The Bible does say you can make your requests known, but what are the motives for the requests?

Joy can be in our hearts no matter what is going on outside, inside or over the hill…we may not be happy, but we can certainly have JOY!