Book 2, The Gresham Chronicles, “The Courtship of the Vicar’s Daughter”

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I have enjoyed reading Ms. Blackwell’s historical fiction.  I believe that this is almost the best novel so far.  She certainly comes up with vivid personality traits of all her characters, adding various interesting dilemmas for all of them.  Every character seems to have at least some growth spiritually, and some immense.  The love, romance, courting is special, very cautious and sweet that helps you feel like you are the one that is feeling so excited!  Faith is always at the top of the list of importance, and I suggest she is one of the best writers in Historical Romance.  Her writing seems very free and natural.
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Published in 2006, A Great Read in 2012, Lois Richer’s “Secrets of the Rose”

It seemed like a perfect family.  A family owned business, pursuing both mate’s interests, a sweet little daughter, living in a comfortable home with a lovely garden.  Then…

A terrible accident, and he was gone.  In his own warehouse where he had done much of his background work, and was used to being alone late at night, a fire and explosion took his life.  Why?  All of a sudden when the daughter is snatched out of her own bedroom, it points to that question even more.  Was it an accident?

Shelby Kincaid puts love on the back-burner after her husband is killed, but a friendly neighbor who has lost people he loved in his own life, comes to her rescue in helping figure out the connections that fit together in this deep and scary story that God uses in most of the character’s lives.

You will enjoy the clues and the find near the end of the story!  Enjoy another book by Lois, from LOVE INSPIRED, SUSPENSE and Steeple Hill.