Susan Anne Mason, “A Worthy Heart”





Screen shot 2016-01-11 at 9.17

I read this book as a stand alone with no problem. By reading the back of the book there was enough info to set the scene. First of all, the one thing I really like about Susan’s writing and the story was the flow of characters and different relationships. It takes a good writer to juggle those so that the reader can keep up and have a good sense of time and action. I enjoyed what her character, Adam, showed as a Christian who truly repented and changed his ways and the fact that Maggie respected that and would give him a chance for friendship even before their hearts met. I liked Aurora for having her own mind about things and bucking her father’s pride even though she was raised wealthy and could have married rich. Neil was easy to hate as I had read in another review. I loved the change in James even though he was older he still allowed God to help him see what a strong character Adam had and was able to forgive him and then go out of his way to help him in his new business. Rylan kept his word. I liked all of the characters and their voices. With English/Scotch/Irish in my blood, I do enjoy these stories!

This book was provided to me by Bethany/Baker Books. All opinions are my own from the reading of the novel.



















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