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Psalms 139:14 ESV

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works and my soul knows it very well.”

God formed our personal existence. Inside and out, he made us. Modern culture has brought us to dissatisfaction in many ways. Causing us to doubt our creator, we fuss about our outside appearance, question how smart we are, and worry about our future health issues. Why didn’t we have a petite little nose, bright sky blue eyes or unnoticeable ears?

Body image is what you see in the mirror when looking at yourself. How correctly are you seeing yourself? What is your basis? The world? God? Are you healthy? Do you try to take care of your own “temple”? If we look with spiritual eyes as well as physical eyes, we may learn to look at ourselves a little differently than the world does. We shouldn’t be looking for the culture’s term of “perfection”. God made all of us perfect in his own sight.

Here is where we must go back to faith and trust. We should trust that God knows the best for us and we should have faith that He works through us to be our best in everything. Did you ever think about how hard it would be for one of us to be God and make every decision in the universe? Only a supreme God with perfect wisdom could even begin to do these things. And I am so glad! I sure wouldn’t want that job.

When I allow my faith to droop, I also allow my choices to be cloudy. And off kilter. Rationalization kicks in and I reason things out to suit myself. I may not be honest in my assessments. This side of glory we cannot fully understand ourselves or all about our Christ.  We have to trust Him in His sovereignty. He is wonderful and our soul tells us so through the Holy Spirit!


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