I get really excited when I hear that someone’s life had totally changed because of my Savior.

We should be ashamed of ourselves for getting down about life, politics, our country, our finances.  Have we forgotten what He has promised?  Sure, I look forward to eternity every day.  Sometimes I wish it would come very soon.  My mother is 94 1/2 and I know I will lose her soon.  Praise God she has been a Christian most of her life.  She is NOT perfect, believe me.  (no Christians are) But I love her so much and I am so thrilled that she will be with the Father soon.  But then, I get really excited.

Tonight I was reading about a lady who got saved out of a gay lifestyle.  She is finding real peace and a new life.  Now that should just make chills go up your spine.  She is happy for the first time maybe in her whole life.  I am celebrating in my heart tonight over this revelation.  This is the kind of joy that makes forget about the word “happy”.  Happiness is a fleeting emotion that can change at any moment.  Joy is stable and you never have to lose it unless you chose to give it away and quench the Holy Spirit.

Let’s celebrate what God is doing in people’s lives.  And do not forget what He has called us to do when we get the chance…disciple.





  1. Paula, we can’t help but be concerned when we see all the changes over our lifetime. And it may not end up the way we would like. I just try to refer to the verse about fear. I want to learn to trust Him more. Aren’t you glad you know where your eternity will be spent? That is the comfort I cling to!

  2. thanks for your comments today, we do sometimes forget to be thankful and give praises for all things. I am concerned about the nation and the problems we have but I know God can handle it if we will but let him, I just pray more folks will listen to his small quite voice when he speaks…

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