Me and Harry

For those of you who know what a wimp I have been most of my life, I am glad to report that I made it all the way up the Catwalk and the soreness is wearing out of my body!  Another moment that proves “God is not finished with me yet”!

Larry, Harry and I had a delightful hike on an almost perfect day in New Mexico.  I am sworn to secrecy on Harry’s age, let’s just say that an 80+ man who can ride a skinny rim bicycle up and down windy surfaces accompanied us with great hiking stories from the past, some of his life’s great moments heavy with a bundle of friendship.

We had planned to leave NM today, but the Holy Spirit laid on our hearts to give a little more time out of our schedule to someone that we felt truly needs it and deserves it.  We will have to drive a little faster back to Boise, but if you would pray for us in that regard, we would really appreciate it!

’til next time…

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