“Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek” by Janet Tronstad

Book Review

Janet hit it on the nail again!  And, “Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek” did take place!

How true it is that many young people look at the mistakes and character traits of their parents and automatically assume that they will be that same way.  Youth doesn’t understand that different circumstances, environment, life lessons, and with the power of Jesus Christ, we are able to turn our lives around and head another direction.

This is what character, Jake Stone, will find out after maturing, finding out he is a father, and continuing to love his old friend and mother of his child, Cathy Barker.  By caring for her, seeing her qualities again, and having paternal love for Lara, Jake is finally able to see that he can be that person and father that he so desires.

Cat never forgot Jake and never tried to replace him as a father, which shows a tremendous admiration and love.  She had already lived some of her life through his past, and she knew him in vulnerability.  This may show a special dimension to this relationship.  Janet Tronstad does a terrific job of showing a special connection and conveying a delightful story while imparting some truths that certainly appear in real people’s lives.

Jake’s storytelling of his childhood and neighborhood introduced Cat to the lilacs, his family, a Christian lady in his young life, and the town where someday she would thrive with Jake Stone!  A wonderful read!

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