This Is The Day

This is the day that the Lord has made….I have to remind myself of how precious each day is.  With fighting SAD, I tend to retreat and sulk on days like today.  It is rainy, slushy, foggy with low clouds and cool.  I appreciate the warm wood stove that my husband helps keep going, but I desire real sunshine touching my shoulders and raising my Vitamin D!

Actually, days like this can be productive at home in many ways.  Either you can rest up when needed, write some letters, do spring cleaning, or talk to the Lord without so much distraction.  Since it is not time to plant my favorite red geraniums, I am not very distracted.

I laid awake for quite a while last night.  It seems like Satan loves to attack in the middle of the night.  He loves darkness, the Bible states, and I believe it!  Somehow the dark can be scary and you wish it was time to get up and start the day.  Prayer at that time does help though.  What do you fear?  Tell Him.  What do you need?  Tell Him.   What is your task for Him when you get up?  Ask Him.  He provides these times to talk to you and you to Him.  Griping doesn’t help, but praying, talking and praising does.  I bet you have nights like that, too.  He will get you through them.  Just ask Him to.


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