REVIEW FOR YOU, “Rocky Point Reunion” by Barbara McMahon

“Rocky Point Reunion”

“Rocky Point Reunion”

by Barbara McMahon

Mary Robinson’s review
Mar 12, 12 · edit

Recommended for: All Women Who Like Clean Romance
Read from March 09 to 11, 2012 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Could you trust someone who broke your heart 10 years ago? Do people really change or does God change them? Marci never married and became a business woman with her own restaurant in her home town. She wasn’t really unhappy, but watching her friends go on to marry and have a family was difficult at times. In the deepest part of her heart, she knew she still loved Zach. When he returns to the place where he left her years before, she tries to figure out if they will ever have another chance.  Zach shows a fatherly side to his personality and character that she had never seen before.  Will this help her see some quality maturity in him?

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