Do You Know Your Body Shape?Whether you are b o d or x here’s a slimming tip for you and a reminder as to which type you are in case you’re just not sure any more! Still not sure … click here.

For b body shape:
You are the gal who gains most of your weight in your tummy. Your shoulders are likely in balance with your hips and you don’t have a very narrow waist. Your rear is flatter than the average bottom (though not always) and you have a muffin top that you wish would disappear!
Slimming Tip: Wearing the proper undies will do your shape a world of good. I stopped by Soma the other day and found a fabulous pair for b bodies. The Vanishing Tummy High Leg Brief is a perfect pick for you. With a built in shaper, they cover just the right amount of tummy and are comfy too. A high leg brief pantie (most any brand) will hide your muffin top too! Don’t let the word “brief” have you thinking “granny panties” as they’re far from it.
Fashion Tip: Make sure your tops are longer than the fullest part of your tummy for the best slimming effect. No short tops or jackets for you.

For O body shape:
You are the gal who has an overflowing bustline and you also typically gain weight in your upper midriff area too. You struggle with looking out of balance because you’re top heavy. You usually have beautiful legs, not much in the rear area and are just basically rounder on top.
Slimming Tip: Your number one challenge is finding and wearing the correct bra. My friends at Essential Bodywear are at your rescue! This company has certified bra fitters who will come to you and fit you for the perfect bra. Check them out at and find a certified fitter near you. If you’d rather visit a store, Soma offers a new minimizing bra that will reduce up to 3 inches off your bustline. They have pretty designs too!
Fashion tip: Prints are more minimizing than solids when it comes to dressing your body. So next time you’re out shopping, opt for a printed blouse or dress instead of a plain one.

For d body shape:
You carry your extra weight in your hips, thighs and derriere. You have a smaller waist than b’s and o’s.
Slimming Tip: Since we’re talking undergarments here, finding a shaper that works for your body shape in the spring and summer time may have you breaking out in hives at just the thought of it because of the warmer weather. Spanx is a brand known for it’s super power and its comfort so try them on for size and see how you like it. Try a hip and thigh shaper if you want to hold in your more fluffy parts and look sleeker in your skirts and pants. Target carries a line called Assets that is a lot less expensive. It may not be as cool and comfy, but check it out for easy on the budget shapers.
Fashion Tip: Show off that skinny waist of yours with a skinny belt! Wearing a belt will emphasize the smaller part of your body while taking attention away from your hips and thighs. If you are a combination body type of d and b, then forget the belt and wear a pop color near your face to bring the attention upwards!

For X body shape:
When standing in front of a mirror, you notice your hips and shoulders are balanced, your waist is smaller and you don’t usually gain extra weight in any one place. You’re a balanced X body shape. The goal in dressing is to look like an X, even if you’re not, so girl, you’ve got a foot up cause you’re already there!
Slimming Tip: Just because you’re balanced doesn’t mean you don’t have some body challenges. Perhaps you gain some weight in your tummy or maybe in your thighs, pay attention to these areas and dress them accordingly. You may need a shaper just for these areas. Wearing the correct bra and panties will help your balanced body look the very best it can.
Fashion Tip: If you’re wearing a shorter length top or jacket, wear it over a longer length skirt or pants. When wearing a longer jacket or top, then wear it over something shorter. Short over long, Long over short!

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