RAMONA’s Author Lived Near This Park

Mary A. Young Robinson with Ramona Statue

Beverly Cleary, well-known children’s author who created the character Ramona, lived near this Portland neighborhood’s city park.  The statue is of Ramona, the little girl who was very mischievous.  Beverly Cleary actually lived in the country near McMinnville as a small child, but later moved to the city in Portland.

Another great book to read is her autobiography called, “A Girl from Yamhill”.  It tells a story of a struggling family who has to move to the city.  Beverly starts out in a lower reading class in the public city school.  It is an encouraging read for both adults and young adults.

I visited here a couple of years ago with my best friend who is now residing in Portland.  We took two young ladies from South Carolina with us on a day’s journey to this park, the library in that neighborhood, the end of the Oregon Trail and other places of interest.

It was a beautiful day in Portland, Oregon with no rain!  On a sunny day, everything is green and lush and gives off a variety of good smells from the grass to the fir trees.  If you visit Portland and have enjoyed the Ramona series, you should visit Grant Park near 33rd Street and enjoy a trip down memory lane.

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