Sharing the Day Together

Brother and Sisters Sharing the Day Together

Today I have watched clouds move by the window, seen rain, snow, sleet and sunshine.  It is rather remarkable that this time of the year your day can be filled with such variety!  The wood fire is crackling, and it it gets too hot, I can always open the window a bit.  A good day, I have explored healthy recipes, spoken with the Lord, sought refuge inside from a roaring wind, spoken with my best friend and am preparing my heart for Sunday.

I feel that I have shared the day with my brothers and sisters as we work and play for the Savior during the same day.  Have you ever thought of it that way?  We may be in different places and yet our spirits are meshing together with the Holy Spirit in unity.  That excites me and encourages me.  Maybe I am learning to put more stock in my fellow believers.  Maybe the Lord is showing me through my own experiences that they are so important to me and should be.  They have touched me recently.

I think my prayer for tomorrow will be, “Lord how can I touch one of my other sisters or brothers”?  Looking for a way to keep the two-way street going might spur me on to better use of my time and bless someone.  Each day should profit someone other than ourselves.  And tomorrow I should be filled greatly as I go to worship and learn more about God’s desires for me personally.

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