What The Goat is Going On?

Black Jack Looks On

Surprising Behavior in the Goat Family

Shadow on the left, was our first pack goat several years ago.  He broke his leg soon after we acquired him and his packing career never really took off very well.  The older he gets, the more stove-up he becomes.  We tried to give him away twice, but circumstances drew him back home to where he is really loved.  As we increased our family, the younger goats took advantage of him as the frail old Grandpa.  He allowed this to happen, as in the pecking order, this is pretty normal.  Oh, so much vim and vinegar in those young ones!

The last little Oberhasli goat that was given to us, came into our pen with some spunk, too, but the older boys tried to push him out of the way almost immediately!  That’s tough when you are hungry and no one will allow you to eat the main grass hay meal of the day!

Well, before long, these two goats, the oldest and the youngest, seemed to join forces to a point.  Coffee Bean wanted Shadow to teach him how to play, (spur), and wanted some company.  At first Shadow showed with his actions that he wasn’t really that interested.  However, when winter came and it was sooo cold, these two began to engage.  In this photo down at the door of the shed, Shadow is seen nudging and “warming” up to C.B.  Go figure!  Black Jack looks on while he is chewing his cud.  Goats are ruminants with stomach compartments.  If you cannot hear any rumbling in their stomachs, they may not be able to digest their food and maintain good health.  My husband packs over 100 miles sometimes in the mountains of Idaho, but last year he packed over 200 miles!!!  Wonderful companions, goats can carry your pack, your tent, your food, etc. as long as you do not overburden them.  They have a great memory and often remember a trail if they return to the same place.

As humans, we sometimes have a bad attitude towards our elderly and older folks.  This was not an attitude introduced by our heavenly father.  We should not have this pecking order or cast out people that we do not like or if we do not like their looks.  And with all the wisdom older people have, how can we toss that out either?  A thought for the day is, “How about asking your Lord how you can be a blessing to an older person (older than you, anyhow) today.  You will receive a blessing yourself!



2 thoughts on “What The Goat is Going On?

  1. Hello Mary Ann, I found your site on goodreads and came over to visit, interesting you have goats, we had some once and they had 2 babies while with us. I have even written a story about our goats and named it “Billy O”, they are interesting creatures.
    I too have started a blog and am over 65-I have signed up with couple of publishers to read books and review and post them on my blog and goodreads.
    thanks for sharing your thoughts and nice to meet ya
    Paula O

    • Great! My husband is the President of NapGa (North American Pack Goat Association). Are you interested in that? We also have our own e-mag by membership now called “Goat Track”, $22 a yr or $38 for 2 yrs. I am going over to Goodreads to see where you live! Thanks for coming by to see me!

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