Day 3 in the Foothills of Boise

We have had blowing rain since this morning twenty miles from Boise.  Some days we have snow and Boise has none.  I look forward to days when I come into town that it is 5 degrees warmer and dry, too!

No matter what the weather is, even though it does affect my attitude, I still have to appreciate God’s supply of moisture and care-taking that he does in my area of the world.  We have certain things that we enjoy and want, but sometimes we just cannot have those things; at least not on that specific day.  This is when we have to look to Jesus Christ and know that our whimsical and flighty desires are not all that important in the whole scheme of life. (He does care about each one of us, however.)

We keep writing our story, when the story is really HIS.  Remember, HISTORY…His- story.  We are here for His reasons, not our own.  It is easy to forget that when we plan our day or make requests.  When you get up in the morning, what do you ask the Lord?  Do you ask Him what he has for you? Or do you ask Him if He will give you this or that?  The Bible does say you can make your requests known, but what are the motives for the requests?

Joy can be in our hearts no matter what is going on outside, inside or over the hill…we may not be happy, but we can certainly have JOY!





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