Hello world!

I moved to this site today!  I like it here and especially the new paint on my walls of my Main Page.  The colors really reflect me in my personal choices with dressing and decorating.  One time, when Fuchsia and Kelly Green were first going out of style, one of my daughters wondered why I kept wearing them for so long!  Well, I finally toned down, now to find out that they are here again.

I have great plans for Book Reviews, Author Bios, my personal stuff and maybe your personal stuff!  Come along with me and let’s explore life as Believers together!

3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, Dawn’s Dreams. As far as giveaways, my first one was for Promise Me This. I’ve got a friend who does giveaways weekly on her blog so I’ve gotten some ideas from her. Basically I decided what I wanted to give away, utilized Facebook, used random.org to pick a winner, and will only be able to ship to the US.

    Your blog looks nice.

    Sweeter Than Birdsong was an amazing book. I’m actually currently reading the first one, Fairer Than Morning, right now.

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